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(Part 2): SJWs Have Always Lied. A Fisking of Soviet Civilization(1952) by Corliss Lamont

Last week we took a look at the first four chapters of Corliss Lamont’s explanation for why the Soviet Union unjustly was getting a bad rap and was actually a brilliant success. Any minor flaws in the ointment were solely due to American meddling and imperialism.

We were privileged to be set straight that democracy comes in many forms, including what the Soviet Union had, where democracy was merged into an interesting amalgamation with dictatorship. Possibly the greatest line from the first half of the book was that “...there is in the Soviet Union a mixed governmental system in which dictatorship is conjoined with strong and growing elements of democracy.”(Page 72).

Having learned this valuable tidbit of information about law and the Soviet political structure under Stalin, we finished up with a look at Comrade Lamont’s defense of religious freedom under Stalin, where in a brilliant example of truth twisting (worthy of ‘ole Joe Goebbels himself), Comrade Lamont explained away every single aspect of the massive, endemic, and state sanctioned Soviet persecution of all types and forms of religion. I’m sorry, I just realized that I said “explained”, a more accurate summation of Comrade Lamont’s chapter on religion in the Soviet Union would be “avoided talking about anything that clashed with his Communist ideals, and pretended that there was so much religious freedom in the Soviet Union that the entire population were midwestern church going Americans.” Other than the Wise, Intelligent, Tolerant Atheists of course. But they benevolently tolerated their lessers in their primitive superstitions.   

Some may ask why it is worth fisking a book that was published over sixty years ago, has been out of print for decades and written by a man who has been dead for twenty years. Corliss Lamont was very influential in his day, and a number of his works are still in print.The arguments he used for socialism and in defense of socialism’s more honest twin, Marxism, are still in active use today by adherents of those failed philosophies. It is instructive to see just how little changes in liberal duplicity from generation to generation, and how empty and foolish its adherents’ words and practices are. What Corliss Lamont had to say is no less than what is taught in American universities today, with its America hating and totalitarian loving teachers. Hardly surprising in a man who was a director at the ACLU for 22 years.

So let’s once again enter the mind of a man who was convinced that Soviet civilization under a totalitarian dictator was infinitely superior to American capitalism, other than in a few ways that were doubtless temporary, and would quickly pass, leaving the New Soviet Man as the most notable resident of Earth. And as in the last installment, I will be appending the epithet “comrade” to Mr. Lamont’s name, as in spite of the fact that he always declined to call himself that, if it looks like a marxist, quacks like a marxist, and defends the excesses of a's a Marxist. Or possibly a professor of Gender Studies.

The last six chapters of the book are no less brilliantly propagandizing on behalf of the Soviet Union than the previous four were. The chapters are as follows:
  • Chapter V.    Soviet Economic and Cultural Progress
  • Chapter VI.   Contrasts between Soviet Socialism and Fascism
  • Chapter VII.  American-Soviet Relations
  • Chapter VIII. Soviet Foreign Policy
  • Chapter IX.   Co-Existence or Co-Destruction
  • Chapter X.    Final Reflections

Given the depths of Comrade Lamont’s moral, philosophical, economic, and cultural ignorance and duplicity, I have decided to deal with only one chapter at a time. So this entry will focus solely on Chapter V. Each of the succeeding chapters will be dealt with in separate posts.

Let’s jump into the Twilight Zone of Comrade Lamont’s mind once again! Where everything is so topsy-turvy and distorted that you don’t know up from down, freedom becomes a narrow minded attitude, and the tyranny of a despotic dictatorship becomes Progress and Liberty.

Chapter V.    Soviet Economic and Cultural Progress:
(Page 156)“A nation which was thought to be the most backward, careless, least efficient and least patriotic in the world has checked a mighty host from the nation which has been assumed to be the most advanced in organization, morale, leadership, and efficiency.

This chapter starts out by praising the Soviet accomplishments during the fierce battles on the Eastern Front. It lauds them for their tenacity, and their dogged persistence in defending their homeland from the Nazis.

So far so good. The Soviet army did indeed fight hard and were ultimately successful in driving the Nazis from their homeland. But Comrade Lamont isn’t content to just praise the Soviet military for their undeniable victory on the Eastern Front. No, he has to ensure that the reader knows that the Soviet war machine was the product of the massively successful Socialist Wonder Society, guided under the wise and benevolent GOSPLAN (GOSPLAN is the formal name for the Soviet body that oversaw economic goals and prices), whose apparently amazing successive Five Year Plans built on success after success, and enabled the Soviet Union to essentially on its own defeat the German invasion. Page 158 makes the rather meaningless claim that the entirety of the Lend Lease program never supplied more than ten percent of the Soviet military material.

Comrade Lamont glowingly mentions the Soviet Five Year Plans so often, and heaps so much praise on them, that I personally suspect he had a little shrine to them in his office, right between his shrine to Lenin and his shrine to Stalin.

Comrade Lamont expansively claims that the wonders of Soviet Socialism, Five Year Plans, and the benevolent leadership of Joseph Stalin had resulted in the Soviet military having “up-to-date, mechanized equipment, in large quantity and of excellent quality…(Page 158).” Going further, he lauds the “socialist economic system(Page 159)for having been developed to such a degree that it was able to be “remarkably successful” throughout the war.

He kindly throws America a sop on the bottom of Page 159, when he admits that during the “last two years of the war” there were a couple hundred thousand American trucks and jeeps helping transport and mechanize the Soviet military. Then he quickly moves on to declaim more about the wonders of the Soviet railway. A total of thirty-four words are used to briefly touch on this, then Comrade Lamont hurries onto a rather lengthy paragraph of over one hundred words of hagiography on how the Soviet railways were a marvel of “country-wide socialist planning” that saved the Soviet industry.

Leaving the socialist paradise that existed solely in Comrade Lamont’s head, in order to once again take up residence in the real world, let’s briefly touch on some of the reasons why once again he was either deliberately lying through his teeth or was accepting war and post-war Soviet propaganda with a level of brain dead credulity so immense that I suspect LSD brownies. Or possibly a gender studies degree.

During 1942 alone, when the Soviets were suffering their usual massive tank losses, the West in general and America in particular not only replaced Soviet tank losses...they exceeded them by a factor of three. Regarding transportation, in 1941 alone the Soviet military lost in excess of fifty percent of its vehicles, which Lend-Lease replaced with over 400,000 vehicles from the evil western powers. From 1941-1945, Studebaker alone provided over 150,000  “Deuce and a half” military trucks to the Soviet Union.
The Soviet Union’s socialist wonderland was also essentially incapable of producing the high octane gas required by the advanced Allied equipment that the West supplied Stalin with, and so had to import massive amounts of it, along with huge amounts of raw materials such as metals and chemicals that their inept industry could not produce in significant quantities.

Furthermore, regarding the extremely dubious claim by Comrade Lamont that the Soviet military was well supplied with up-to-date equipment...he once again proves that a SJW will swallow and repeat any lie, no matter how dubious of origin, if it advances their ideological cause. To take one example, the head of the Soviet artillery, a Grigory Ivanovich Kulik demanded that one of the few modern and well made artillery pieces that the Red Army possessed, the 76.2 millimeter mechanized gun, be immediately stopped in production and replaced by the venerable (i.e. ancient)  107 millimeter howitzer. A weapon so old that it was used by the Czar’s armies and was “mechanized” by the efforts of literal, as opposed to figurative, horsepower.

Thanks to this masterstroke, the Red Army was largely deprived of one of its most formidable anti-tank weapons at the start of hostilities, a weapon good enough that later in the war after it had been frantically put back into production, the Germans would mount captured versions of it onto old tank chassis and use it as their own anti-tank weapon.

Yes, the Red Army did have two very good tanks, the KV1 and the famous T34. However, both tanks (along with all the other tanks that the New Soviet Man built) were hobbled by poor quality materials and such terrible quality control that the in 1941, out of the entire Soviet tank park of perhaps 24,000 vehicles...almost half of them (44 percent) needed to be rebuilt partially in order to function, along with 29 percent of them that were immobile unless a major part such as an engine or a transmission was replaced entirely.

Comrade Lamont appears to have baldly accepted and repeated the entire Soviet propaganda about their production quotas, and in typical SJW fashion, questioned neither the numbers, nor dug into what the numbers said. Even if the American Lend-Lease act provided only about ten percent of the total Soviet military material as Comrade Lamont claims, it would have been the highest quality ten percent in the Soviet Union’s arsenal, and the ten percent that could actually function.

Soviet tanks had such poor lifespans that simply teaching a novice how to drive it correctly drastically reduced the tank’s operational life. For this reason, the Red Army tank corps was lucky to get a driver with as much as five hours of instruction. Hobbled by poor quality tanks, and crippled by poorly trained operators, the Red Army suffered massive casualties and defeats throughout the battles on the Eastern Front.

It didn’t help matters any that the Red Army had been decimated by the purges that Stalin instituted in the late 1930s. By 1938, three out of the five Red Army marshals had disappeared, along with thirteen out of the fifteenth army commanders, fifty out of fifty-seven corps commanders, and one hundred and fifty four out of one hundred and eighty six divisional commanders. Most were shot, all were most likely tortured some were dumped into gulags and shot, and perhaps a few survived to come back to the Red Army in its hour of trial. Khalepsky, the primary tank expert of the Red Army...was shot in 1938. The Red Army was left leaderless, and with a major paralysis of action, as the cowed survivors were afraid to call attention to themselves.

But what did Comrade Lamont say about this? Page 163, “Events did not bear out the claim that the Moscow Trials and general purges of 1937-1938 had fatally weakened Soviet leadership.” He then goes on to improbably claim that Stalin was justified in crushing this vast, Nazi conspiracy that threatened the Soviet Republic(he uses that word...I do not think it means what he thinks it means). Yes. And Santa Claus exists. It boggles the mind how any reasonable man could ever claim that there was anything justified in how Stalin went about this terror in during the Purge(not the movie. The real thing). Confessions were obtained by torture: toes were smashed with hammers, fingernails pulled out, teeth punched out, jaws were broken by NKVD interrogators, ribs were broken during brutal, hours long interrogations. Written confessions were stained with blood. But to Comrade Lamont? All quiet on the Eastern Front. He makes Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes look positively eagle-eyed.    

SJWs will lie. They always have lied. And they always will. They are the enemy of any man who loves freedom, and they must be ruthlessly fought. Do not be fooled by pretenses of neutrality and freedom of speech. Corliss Lamont was willing to call a totalitarian dictatorship ”a mixed governmental system in which dictatorship is conjoined with strong and growing elements of democracy” and defend the actions of a murderous thug like Stalin. He ignored the excesses of a nation that had no judicial process, no trial by impartial jury, and no innocence until proven guilty, and one that imprisoned, tortured, and beat confessions out of any unfortunate enough to fall afoul of the gangsters that ran it.

Comrade Lamont then casts his eagle eye onto the economic “success” of the Soviet Union, with special attention paid to the workings of GOSPLAN and the Five Year Plans. Going over every single economic fallacy that he presents would require a book longer than Soviet Civilization itself, but a couple ones are worth fisking.

Comrade Lamont clearly fully subscribed to Marxist thought and was a firm adherent of its specific economic theory as espoused and implemented by Lenin and then Stalin. Both of whom, being murderous thugs, were of course great heroes to Comrade Lamont’s simple soul.

On page 168, Comrade Lamont says the following “Soviet and Marxist economists….(achieve) economic stability by maintaining a proper balance between production and consumption, between supply and demand.

Yes, about that. Thumbing through my exceedingly useful copy of The Soviet Economic System, Chapter 3 (Centralized Pluralism) goes into some general detail on the massive Soviet GOSPLAN interest groups, whose private fiefdoms and power struggles vastly complicated the already impossible task of manually controlling supply and demand over an entire economy. Chapter 4 (Industrial Management and Micro-Economic Problems) goes over in specific detail some of the major issues that affected the Soviet command economy. For example, GOSPLAN sets a quota for water-pipes, measured in tons. The result? Factories built water-pipes as heavy as possible, with massive waste in materials and time. If glass output is measured in square meters, then the glass is made so thin that it is dangerously breakable. Cloth measured in linear meters becomes narrower and narrower, corrected to square meters, it becomes thinner and thinner.

Multiply this behavior by an entire economy, and it's no wonder that the Soviet economy was incapable of producing consumer goods in any decent quantities or quality. And without the ability for market signals to be received, not only was the pricing of goods terribly off, but consumer demand was unable to be signaled to the producers. Hence why, as stated in the excellent book The Russians, the people of the Soviet Union were constantly dealing with shortages and poor quality materials. To add insult to injury, frequently hours every week had to be spent standing in a long line just to get the aforementioned goods.

Comrade Lamont does grudgingly state on Page 169 that “The national wealth and standard of living in the Soviet Union are of course not nearly as high as those of America, but they would have remained far lower had it not been for the Five-Year Plans.” Note the weasel words of “not nearly”, that’s putting it mildly. While American wealth and opportunity expanded in the 1950s, the Soviets experienced shortage after shortage, worthless money, and nothing worth buying with their money even if they wanted to. A pattern of behavior that lasted for the next...actually it lasted until the fall of Soviet Communism in 1991. By that time of course it was firmly ensconced in American academia, where Comrade Lamont’s fellow SJWs could inculcate their failed philosophies into the next generation of young minds.   

Page 175 talks about Soviet banks (which, according to Comrade Lamont, are far superior to sloppy American banks) extending credit to an automobile factory to manufacture cars and then holding that factory accountable to produce cars as part of its fulfillment of The Plan. Supposedly, the Soviet banking system is a vital part of the fulfillment of The Plan.

All I have to say about it’s success in this particular scenario is an old Soviet joke. A woman saved for ten years and finally could order her very first car. She went to the automobile factory to order it, where the manager took her money and said “You car will be delivered in ten years.” The woman replied “morning or evening?” Confused, the manager asked “what difference does it make if it's morning or evening?” The woman responded, “the plumber is coming in the morning.”

For all of Comrade Lamont’s intellectualizing about the wonders of the Soviet planned economy (an economy so amazing that he never tried to move there), the fact remains that the Soviet planned economy was a disaster. Its people had useless money to spend on shoddily made goods, and they had to stand in line and wait for even those. Factories made large quantities of things nobody wanted, and small to no quantities of things that people actually did want. The consumer had no voice or say in what was sold, and there was no competition for their business.

No wonder that a massive and significant source of Soviet revenues was the sale of vodka, a state monopoly. Drunkenness on the job, off the job, and on the way to the job was endemic to the Soviet people and all attempts to curb it failed.  

And it gets even better. We still have multiple chapters to go! Next up is Comrade Lamont’s explanation for why socialism (Communist) is different than, and far superior to socialism (Fascist)!

Stay tuned.

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Trump Survives the Campaign Nuke

Last weekend, the Hillary campaign unleashed their most devastating attack on Trump yet. They released as the video showing Trump in a coarse conversation about women. The previously unreleased footage showed Trump and Billy Bush conversing about women in a vulgar way.

The media ran the story with glee. They anticipated this type of nuclear campaign strike  would devistate the Trump campaign by stripping away political endorsements and knocking down his supporters.

True to this script several prominent cuckservatives bailed on Trump. The spineless jellyfish were led by the Cuck of the House, Paul Ryan. Rather than deflecting the scandal as the Democrats would do, they ran for the hills. This craven display earned Paul Ryan boos and heckling at his weekend rally.

Meanwhile, the polls showed an immediate trouble as the Clinton surged in almost every poll.
For any other candidate,this would have spelled doom.  If this had happened to McCain or Romney they would have collapsed under the onslaught.

However, this attack seemed to fire Trump up. In the Sunday debate, he stayed on target and launched attacks on Clinton while brushing off the moderators. He delivered some great rhetorical kill shots by promising to go after Hillary with a special prosecutor and slapping down her attempt to compare herself to Abe Lincoln. Backed into a corner, Trump delivered a great performance.

Recently the polls have shown Trump surging back. In today's Rasmussen poll, Trump surged ahead. This is encouraging as the video revelation was timed to be a knockout punch. By having a great  debate performance Trump seemed to offset the video. Trump has a good chance to win the presidency if he stays on message about making America great again and attacking Hillary.

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Book Review: Alien Game by Rod Walker

On the bureaucratic and tyrannical planet of New Princetown, Sam Hammond wakes up after a night of partying to find that he is now an indentured servant. His indentured servitude is on the safari world of Arborea as he guides adventure seekers hunting the large and fierce reptiles native to the planet. This opportunity for exciting adventure is enjoyed by Sam as he considers staying on after his indentured servitude is up.

However, Sam quickly realizes that trouble is lurking as a sabotage threatens threaten the company. With the grand opening rapidly approaching, he has a sinking feeling that the most dangerous monsters may be inside the fence.

Billed as 2/3 Heinlein young adult adventure and 1/3 Larry Corriea, Alien Game by Rod Walker lives up to this high praise. The sense of adventure is reminiscent of Robert Heinlein's classic Have Space Suit, Will Travel. The prose is crisp and speedy and the books relatively short length flies by. The action is well written and the believable if not particularly deep characters work well. Some insightful political and economic commentary is slipped in at various points but  it never overshadows the story.

Overall this book makes a fine young adult addition to the growing Castilia House library. I enjoyed it and feel it hits its targeted age range while still being worthy of older readers as well.

Five Amazon Stars

Gold Rating from Reality Hammer

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(Part 1) SJWs Have Always Lied. A Fisking of Soviet Civilization (1952) by Corliss Lamont

Today, the West is under heavy attack from a specific ideological group that has elevated flinging poo and screaming inanities to a fine art. The Social Justice Warriors, and their band of adherents will do anything, attack anyone, and trample all over badthink in order to advance their cause and crush opposition.

Facts mean nothing to an SJW, vitriolic rhetoric is their first and only line of attack and defense. They will attack ideological deviants with a fervor and ferocity that is unmatched by any but the adherents of Mao during the Chinese pogrom known as the Cultural Revolution.

In the West, the elevation of SJW fascists to high visibility and praise for their attacks on decency and freedom is a relatively new phenomena, but their adherents have been spewing falsehoods and attacking western thought and ideas for many decades. Until recently however, they generally masked their hatred of freedom and western civilization with a veneer of detachment of moderation.

Such a man was proto-SJW Corliss Lamont. Born in 1902, and passing away in 1995, his life spanned most of the twentieth century, a century that he spent writing against America and praising Communism. A man who glossed over the worst of Soviet atrocities, and never met a Communist thought or idea that he didn't like, Corliss Lamont was a true SJW before that expression had even been coined, and when the vast majority of today's SJWs were yet unborn(or unaborted, which is probably a more accurate summation of their attitudes toward prenatal homicide).

And in 1952, he published a book on the Soviet Union that lays bare the unbelievable credulity and duplicity of  SJWs when it comes to explaining away inconvenient facts and so cruelly mauling the truth that it is left bleeding and dying in the gutter. And its all done from behind the pretense of a moderate. His book? Soviet Civilization (1952, Second Edition 1955). Lets go over some "high" points of the book, by taking a quote or two from several of the most credulous chapters and looking at it and what the chapter says overall.

Keep in mind that Stalin was still ruling over Russia at this time, the KGB was under Beria, and violence and repression were the hallmarks of Russian society. People disappeared randomly, the slightest whiff of suspicion could ruin your life, and Khrushchev's "secret speech" to the Twentieth Congress was still several years away.

But don't you worry, Corliss Lamont is ready and willing to use his keen...something to fearlessly navigate the complex shoals of Russia and lay it bare to our searching eye.

Preface to Second Edition: 
(Page XXIII)"Since this volume is critical of many things in Soviet civilization, it will not please left-wing groups who consider the Soviet Union above all criticism. On the other hand, because the book is sympathetic to the true achievements of the Soviets, it is likely to be denounced by the dogmatic right as Communist propaganda or Utopian naivete. I am repelled by the dictatorial and repressive aspects of the Soviet regime, but am unwilling to join in wholesale condemnations of it based on a one-sided over-emphasis of its negative points."

This is a great example of Lamont's prose and double talk. He paints himself as a balanced observer, and claims that he is going to look at the bad and the good in the Soviet Union fairly. Surely such a fair minded man is going to present a balanced picture of the Soviet Union.

Well no, not even close. Lamont's idea of being "critical" of the Soviet Union is to mildly shake his finger in their general direction, before rushing to explain away the problem as being ultimately the problem of either a nebulous concept known as "Russia's developing democracy" or his favorite bugaboo of American insert-pejorative-here. Basically its all America's fault, and the Russians are the helpless victims.

Chapter 1: On Evaluating Soviet Russia

(Page 8) "Portraying the U.S.S.R. as a mystery is, like the Iron Curtain stereotype, a substitute for real thinking and an excuse for laziness in seeking out the facts."

A good chunk of this chapter involves Lamont complaining about how close minded Americans are and how they need to stop being so doggone suspicious of those friendly Soviets. He complains about the McCarran Act, an act that according to him, barred from the USA anyone who ever belonged to a Communist or Fascist party. And as we know, Communist parties in the USA absolutely love their country and would certainly never attempt to eat away at it from within.

This whining about American close mindedness towards Communists (something that we could use today) permeates the chapter. Apparently this attitude and legislative acts of this ilk are crippling scientific exchange on "economics, political science...race relations." Admittedly, the Soviet Union had a great deal to teach us about the first two subjects...largely what NOT to do of course, but such delicacies of thought are beyond the ken of Comrade Lamont.

Regarding the last...we see that an obsession with race and equality is not a new thing in the SJW world. Comrade Lamont would undoubtedly be marching in BLM rallies today, in between Occupying people's lawns. And he apparently strongly felt that the equality of poverty, deprivation, and servitude that the races had attained in the Soviet Union represented a massive lap ahead of the USA. Indeed.

Overall, Comrade Lamont thinks America sucks and is too close minded about learning from the Soviet Union. He also puts in a few swipes at Churchill for perpetrating the Iron Curtain analogy and bruising the feelings of caring Soviets and intellectuals such as Comrade Lamont and his band of merry Marxists. One wonders at times why he chose to live here, instead of over in Mother Russia.

Chapter 2: The Soviet Constitution

"The rapid development of Soviet Russia between 1924 and 1936 necessitated the framing of a new Constitution that would reflect the changed conditions. The first two Five-Year Plans, particularly, had brought about such progress in both industry and agriculture that Stalin was able to say 'The complete victory of the socialist system in all spheres of national economy is now a fact.' Hence the 1936 document, advancing beyond the Constitutions of 1918 and 1924, which had proclaimed socialism as an object of aspiration, formalized the new situation by treating socialism in the Soviet Union as an achieved actuality.""

This chapter is a real treat. According to Comrade Lamont, the Soviet Constitution is basically such an amazing piece of work that its creators should be elevated to sainthood. Or whatever the atheist variant of that is.  He is talking about the 1936 Soviet Constitution in this case, not the 1918 or 1924 Constitutions, which were completely different works.

The Soviets also had to change their Constitutions due to economic progress. Or something. You will remember how America had to do a completely new Constitution after the booming economic progress of the 1890s, and yet another one after the economic boom of the 1950s.

Note how the 1936 Soviet Constitution had to "advance beyond" the previous Constitutions. Clearly Comrade Lamont knew his Hegel. Comrade Lamont then proceeds to exculpate the Soviet Union for not following its own Constitution by claiming that it, like, totally will eventually, before veering off on a tangent regarding the American Constitution and how its Bill of Rights are frequently flagrantly violated "by government officials as well as non-governmental(?) groups."  Because the two are totally similar!

So while Comrade Lamont admits that at the present time the Soviet Union's Constitution is a "paper constitution"(Page 51), he says that's okay because the Bill of Rights is violated in America. He then backtracks and claims that after sixteen years in operation, the Soviet Constitution was more in effect than not.

Admittedly, under this Constitution millions of Soviets were arrested, tortured, murdered by the state, sent to gulags, had no due process, and lived under ever present surveillance...but Comrade Lamont acknowledges none of this things(well, he does acknowledge the gulags. Enough to attack people for falsely claiming that they exist. Apparently saying that is a base canard.) In Lamont-Land, all is quiet and democratic along the Volga.

The rest of that chapter lauds the Soviets for attaining a miraculous level of home ownership of sixty percent! Where this figure comes from, Comrade Lamont does not say. I personally suspect fairies, LSD, and an astounding level of credulity about Soviet pronouncements. He claims that credit was easy to come by to buy a house, and only carried a 2 percent interest. Clearly, Comrade Lamont's knowledge of basic economics was only equaled by his stupendous level of wisdom about a country that he admits he hadn't visited since the 1930s. Actual adults with reading skills and such, can easily find out that not only was private property difficult to come by in the Soviet Union, credit was almost nonexistent. And the currency was revalued multiple times throughout the Soviet Union's existence as it struggled to keep its tottering economy moving.

On Page 57 we find out that "In the Soviet Union the principle of performing useful work amounts to gospel. It naturally conduces, through ever-increasing production, to the general welfare and also to individual happiness, since the average Soviet citizen is absorbed in a socially significant job that brings meaning into his life." Additionally "there is no place for idlers in Soviet Russia." Apparently Comrade Lamont never heard the very common Soviet proverb "they pretend to pay us, so we pretend to work."

Furthermore, drunkenness and laziness were bywords of Soviet industry, one of the many reasons why the Soviet Union had to import so much food and steal so much technology just to try to keep going. Capable of producing an atomic bomb and launching men into orbit, the Soviet Union couldn't make a refrigerator that worked reliably, or a decent washing machine.

But don't tell Comrade Lamont that, it would hurt his feelings.

Comrade Lamont then spends a few pages defending that fact that elections in the Soviet Union involved one party: the Communist Party, and no others. This is apparently okay due to the fact that the Founding Fathers didn't envision a two-party system. No it doesn't make any sense to me either.
He claims that Soviet democracy is simply different than other democracies (and no, there is no recognizance of the fact that America was not set up as a democracy, but as a republic.)

On Page 71, he lauds the Soviet Union for all the "elective" positions that they have (Using the word "elective" very VERY loosely. A ballot with only one choice for a position is kind of a poor example of democracy by anyone's measure. Except for Comrade Lamont apparently.) Democracy in action folks! This is why the Chinese legislature, with almost three thousand members is such a bastion of freedom, free speech, and democracy. Soviet quantity equals democracy! In Soviet Union, Position elects YOU!

On Page 72 we have a brilliant example of SJW doublethinkplusgood. This sentence is a real gem, are you ready? "...there is in the Soviet Union a mixed governmental system in which dictatorship is conjoined with strong and growing elements of democracy." Dictatorship and democracy! A union made in...the Soviet Union apparently. Granted democracy usually leads to dictatorship, and a vicious circle of panem et circenses but I doubt that was Comrade Lamont's thought on this. No he actually just proclaimed that the Soviet Union, with Stalin at its helm, had a great mixture of democracy present. Under the repression, gulags, and terror I guess. Democracy is sneaky like that.

Lamont then casts his keen eagle bat eye onto the Soviet health system. Page 75 "I do not claim that every Soviet citizen is obtaining the best medical care; for Soviet medicine still lacks adequate supplies and a sufficient number of well-trained physicians. "I do claim however, that no one in Soviet Russia lacks proper medical service because he cannot afford it."(Underlines mine). The Soviets apparently had Obamacare sixty years before we did! With about the same level of success clearly.

Admittedly the Soviet health system lacked proper supplies (unless you had enough connections to illegally buy actual medicine from the decadent, imperialist West.), had poorly trained doctors in poorly equipped hospitals, patients frequently died from poor treatment and lack of proper equipment, and such(The Soviet version of Werner von Braun, Sergei Korolev died on the operating table during surgery, possibly due to the above factors, thus definitely denying the Soviets their brightest mind and their shot at the moon. And he was well off and well connected enough to have the best care that the Soviet health system could give. He also had permanent health problems due to injuries sustained during his brutal interrogation and six years in the gulag which contributed to his death...but of course that can't be true because Comrade Lamont says that those things never happened in Soviet Russia.)....but it was all free yep. What a great deal! Comrade Lamont apparently felt that the best thing that could be said about a health system was that it was free. Not that it, you know, worked or anything.

Comrade Lamont closes the chapter with a great clincher: "...the Soviet Constitution itself clearly belongs on the positive side of the ledger. It is a document that does great credit to its framers and that presents a grand design of human living of which the Soviet people can well be proud."

Indeed. Clearly it was utopia on earth. That's why the Soviet Union lasted so long and kept getting better and better and now is the dominant power in the world...oh wait.

Chapter 4: Soviet Russia and Religion

This must have been a hard chapter for Comrade Lamont to write. On the one hand, he clearly sneers from his intellectual tower down on the feeble minded peasants who believe in God and Christianity. On the other hand, he needs to present the Superior beings of the Soviet Union as benevolent towards such feeble minded individuals, while still showing that the Soviet Union was a Forward Thinking Nation With Science At Its Helm.

A hard task for even the best devoted propaganda expert. Goebbels himself would have blanched at the task. But Comrade Lamont is no ordinary wordsmith,. He was a Nietzschean man of words, an uber-mensch of twisting sentences and mauling the facts. He rose to the occasion like a dung beetle towards a cow patty. Let's see how he did.

He starts by painting the Orthodox church as massively backwards, harsh, and simpleminded. You see, it was necessary for  the scientific Communists to free men's minds from all religion! (Somewhat of a jump there.) Much of the first part of this chapter is focused on approvingly explaining Marxist theory on religion and how it is teh best thing EVAH to throw off its shackles.

Comrade Lamont then gets into the nitty-gritty of Soviet attitudes towards religious freedom. On Page 137 he beats the drum of the "separation of church and state" in the Soviet Union, with a healthy dose of praise for this development. Gosh, where have we heard that before? Then he approvingly quotes the 1918 government decree that supposedly allowed every Soviet citizen to practice any religion that they wanted to.

To quote Comrade Lamont on Page 139 "...there is complete freedom of conscience and worship in the Soviet Union..." clearly the issue is settled.

But of course, Corliss Lamont is lying through his SJW teeth with this statement, probably more so than any other statement above. Under Stalin (who I remind you, was still in power when this contemptible author published this paean to the Soviet Union), freedom of worship was non-existent. For an actual look at what conditions were like in the Soviet Union for believers, read  Sergei Kourdakov The Persecutor. As a KGB agent, he led raids on underground churches, took part in viciously beating believers, assisted in stripping girls found at underground services naked and taking them through the night to the police station in that condition. Pastors at these churches were beaten to death at times, and cudgels were freely applied to skulls. Admittedly without discrimination for gender or race, so a...laudable achievement?

This is the "freedom of religion" that this lying SJW (but I repeat myself) so approvingly cites. Corliss Lamont was a contemptible Communist apologetic, no matter how much he tried to hide it with a veneer of scientific detachment. His lies were influential in many circles of thought in his day, and he never backed down. Soviet Civilization shows the lengths to which an SJW will lie, obfuscate, and say anything to promote their beliefs.

The wreckage of millions of lives and the deaths of many millions of innocents are glossed over by Corliss Lamont's works and writings. We din't even touch on his defense of the notorious Stalinist show trials on the late 30s, where torture was used to force confessions, and men were shot for no crime other than running afoul of Stalin's paranoia. We didn't touch Lamont's complete obfuscation of Stalin's liquidation of the Kulak's in the Ukraine, and the planned famine that left millions dead on Stalin's orders.

SJWs always lie, and they always double down.  Show them no mercy.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Presidential Race Update

Tomorrow on CNN, the sparks will fly. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off in what will be the most watched debate in election history.

Hillary has been steadily bleeding support for the last month. The email scandal continues to haunt her. The middle east is still a dumpster fire thanks to her State Department's mishandling of the Arab spring and the rise of ISIS. In poll after poll, the voters know affirm that she is corrupt and untrustworthy.

Most recently, Clinton made the mistake of picking a fight with the Alt-Right. This attack on a "basket of deplorables" as she called half of Trump's supports, backfired badly.  It exposed Clinton's bitterness at the opposition. Trump immediately pounced saying that he supported all American's, not just his supports. It energized the Alt-Right and they have boldly redoubled their efforts of attacking Clinton and demoralizing hr supporters.

On Monday Clinton needs to score a resounding win to pump some energy back into the campaign. This will be difficult as Hillary is uncomfortable in front of an audience and handling difficult questions. The press will certainly try to pitch softball questions to help her.

Meanwhile, Trump can push his growing momentum into the start of a landslide with a strong debate performance. He will face the challenges of a hostile press and that he could appear to be a bully if he beats on Hillary too roughly.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day for sure.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Shady Chinese Aquisitions

The New York Times reports that the most recent Chines acquisition of a high tech German firm raises some red flags.

"HONG KONG — After a customer canceled a large order at the last minute, shares in Aixtron, a German high-tech company, sank fast. Months later, with the stock still reeling, a Chinese investor agreed to buy the company.

If only it were as simple as smart deal-making.

Financial filings and public statements indicate a web of relationships among the customer, the buyer and the Chinese state. The links highlight the blurred lines between increasingly acquisitive Chinese companies and Beijing’s long-term industrial policy."

In the article the authors detail how a well timed order cancellation by a Chinese firm left Aixtron, a company that makes machines for the semiconductor industry, vulnerable to an unsolicited buyout by another Chinese firm. 
The Chinese are taking advantage of the German's relaxed trade agreements to manipulate the market and gain a technological edge through acquisition. These types of shady maneuvers undermine the free trade myth. China is indicting that they will exploit the the open global markets for financial gain.

Add this one to the many other reasons why I oppose "free trade". 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trump Surge Continues

After a brutal media assault, trump emerged bloody but unbowed. Recently he has seen a surge in the key battleground states of Florida and Ohio. According to RCP, Trump now leads in those two key states. Trump's surge is due to several factors.

The first is that Hillary's email scandal still dogs her. This scandal has sapped the public's trust in her. What makes it worse is that even more of the leaked emails from Wikileaks loom on the horizon

More importantly as Scott Adams pointed out, Hillary's possible and/or seizure fainting spell is another disaster for Hillary. Leaders have to project a sense of strength and Hillary's "pneumonia" induced collapse has people questioning her medical fitness to be president. Add this to the toxic mix of lies and secrecy surrounding her campaign, and it is a recipe for another ongoing disaster.

Finally, Trump has done a good job of staying on message and relentlessly attacking Hillary Clinton on her dishonesty. He is also drawing the clear contrast between Clinton as a status quo, corrupt candidate and himself as an agent of change.

Trump still has a way to go but these polling results show the Trump train is on the rails.