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Dissenting Opinions Exist? Fisking The Guardian on Gab

Several weeks ago, The Guardian (a British rag of a paper, mostly useful when one runs out of toilet paper. Also known for their stable of Village Idiots, prominently Damien Walter who produced a number of poorly written pieces of drivel on conservative author Larry Correia, before moving on to greener pastures) attempted to do a hit piece on the new social network Gab. One of their brave Village Idiots writers actually dared to crawl out of his safe space and see if there were any dissenting opinions to the Liberal Hivemind. Shockingly, he discovered a number of them on Gab, and henceforth retreated back to the aforesaid safe space to suck his thumb and write movingly about his narrow escape from actual free speech.

This Village Idiot’swriter’s name is Andrew Anthony, hereby referred to as “AA”.

A true Hero of the Fourth Estate indeed, willing to risk the certain nausea that any little libprog faces when exposed to that heretical notion of actual free speech. Why, Our Intrepid Hero ba…

The Collapse of Soviet Socialism

Today, Breitbart published an excellent retrospective on the history of Soviet socialism. The date is significant because the Soviet Union collapsed exactly 25 years ago, finally ending the most significant example of a country attempting to implement the doctrines of Karl Marx and bring about pure socialism.

To the end of course, the various liberals and other cretinous fools and useful idiots were insisting that the Soviet Union was doing fine, that it was going to exist indefinitely, and that the United States was foolish for attempting to compete with it. Ronald Reagan was attacked as a warmonger, and as we published last week, the Democrats even attempted to negotiate with the Soviets to get help preventing Reagan from being reelected in 1984. Which is definitely treason by the way, deliberating consorting with a foreign power to help rig a domestic election. But don't expect the Democrats to ever acknowledge that.

The article closes with some very thought-provoking words: A…

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of The Fellowship of the Ring

Fifteen years ago, The Fellowship of the Ring was released to millions of hopeful Tolkien fans. Long thought to be an impossible book to adapt to the big screen, Peter Jackson's smashing rendition of The Fellowship of the Ring was a darling of both ardent fans and the critics.

Fantasy, unlike its literary twin Science Fiction, had arguably never had that genre-shattering hit that Science Fiction enjoyed with Star Wars. Instead, it had made do with low budget TV adaptations and children's movies. Even the animated Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit has been adapted as a cartoon, not as a blockbuster. Peter Jackson would forever change how cinematic Fantasy would viewed.

He approached the greatest Fantasy work as an ardent fan but also as a visionary. Jackson realized that CGI had improved to where the fantastic creatures and places of Middle Earth could be painted on the silver screen. Weta Workshop provided both the stunning visuals and intricately detailed props that made Middl…

Paul Krugman in Blunderland: A Fisking

Paul Krugman is something of an enigma. How is it that somebody so blatantly historically, economically, and politically illiterate is so well regarded and gets so much screen time and page space to bloviate about current events? The answer is very obvious of course, Paul Krugman is a darling of the Left because he hates America, everything about America, and wishes heartily that America would be more like the great totalitarian dictatorships he admires, especially China.
Earlier today, in his most recent assault on common sense, Krugman published an opinion piece in what used to be something more than low grade, non-absorbent toilet paper, The New York Times. In it he does his best Chicken Little impression and bewails that the sky is falling and the ruins of American democracy are getting pummeled by its pieces.
Strangely, he decides to cite the Roman Republic’s collapse as a pattern of the dark, totalitarian nightmare that America is descending into, thanks to its election of Donald…