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An Empty Car Pulled Up and a Congressman Got Out

As we continue to move towards the circus that will be this year's Presidential elections, let's not forget the entertainment that the constant congressional circus has given and will continue to give us. 
             Congress keeps itself in session for a large part of the year, rain or sunshine, storm or fair weather, Congress meets. Passing laws, writing regulations, making motions, holding press conferences, and burning the midnight oil, Congress works assiduously. But no amount of labor can turn Marxist cow patties into American apple pies. All of the work that Congress does, all amounts to less than a hill of beans because there remains no fruitful labor found inside the halls and rooms of Congress and caucuses. They pass resolutions for which there exists no authority, need, nor justification, create regulatory agencies out of whole cloth, in which none of those nasty capitalists dwell, foists charlatans and Marxists upon the struggling industry of America, and generall…