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An Empty Car Pulled Up and a Congressman Got Out

 As we continue to move towards the circus that will be this year's Presidential elections, let's not forget the entertainment that the constant congressional circus has given and will continue to give us. 

             Congress keeps itself in session for a large part of the year, rain or sunshine, storm or fair weather, Congress meets. Passing laws, writing regulations, making motions, holding press conferences, and burning the midnight oil, Congress works assiduously. But no amount of labor can turn Marxist cow patties into American apple pies. All of the work that Congress does, all amounts to less than a hill of beans because there remains no fruitful labor found inside the halls and rooms of Congress and caucuses. They pass resolutions for which there exists no authority, need, nor justification, create regulatory agencies out of whole cloth, in which none of those nasty capitalists dwell, foists charlatans and Marxists upon the struggling industry of America, and generally add to the burden that the American taxpayer already groans under. For the children of course. 

            Congress watches over people that do not want watching, and ignores people that need watching. The individual who just wants to live his life, start his business, and work for himself finds himself in particularly dire Orwellian straits as Congress pokes around his tax affairs, snoops around his health care plans, checks to see if he has hired enough minorities, and if, in spite of all of this vigilant guarding, the individual succeeds, Congress is right there to tax his profits and redistribute them to individuals who rarely leave their mother’s basement, other than to go to the polls to vote themselves more largess from the federal feeding trough.

             Congress works diligently to construct an edifice of towering renown, a society free from poverty and want, hunger and need. In their arrogance, they seek to fix not only every perceived flaw in American society, but also create fixes for problems whose existence remains gravely suspect by any rational measure. With cures worse than the disease, Congress constantly creates new problems. In their attempt to pull the poor up, they push the wealthy down.  Congress only succeeds in making the poor remain poor but does offer them the solace of new once-rich companions to share their misery.

         Given that Congress’s domination by economic illiterates ensures that the few sensible economic policies get shot down in a burst of class warfare bullets fired from the muzzles of hundreds of Marxist oratorical guns, the only thing that Americans should stand amazed at remains that the forces of economically illiterate carpenters have not done more damage to the ship of state.

                Congress’s composition primarily comes from occupations that have very little contact with the real world and the burdens that the average American suffers under. Children of upper middle class circumstances and higher, as well as occupations that leave plenty of free time for recreation have created a class of politicians whose touch with reality remains as slender as a heavily progressively taxed business owner’s wallet. Coming from “highly prestigious occupations” does not help a politician understand what the average American faces and deals with. The politicians who walk Congress’s halls have little to no understanding of market forces, economic realities, or morals and they regularly flout the very laws they inflict on the rest of the nation at large. Congress takes budgets very lightly, frequently avoiding passing one for the nation. With such a lackadaisical attitude toward its own budget, Congress demonstrates its complete detachment from the realities facing everyday Americans.

            The realities of the United States founding, the role that religion played in shaping the Founders as they fashioned our government and limited it, and the many writings they left us warning future generations of the dangers of government overstepping its God granted authority find no place in Congress today. As a body, Congress seeks to minimize, marginalize, and demonize the role of religion past present and future. The biblical fear of the Lord finds no resting place in the halls of Congress, and true knowledge, God’s knowledge, finds itself marginalized to the point of invisibility. No nation can long survive if its leaders reject God. And our leaders have as a body rejected God, and the fear of Him.

                  Members of Congress have allowed themselves to come under the influence of radical factions and lobbying groups, who foist policies onto the American people through their stooges in suits on Capitol Hill. However, unlike the Three Stooges, these policies pose grave and harmful threats to the American way of life. The politicians who push them do not do so out of any conviction, they fill their political sails with the wind of convenience and sail right out onto the sea of pork grease.

            The members of Congress who do not allow themselves the convenience of having themselves bought and traded like pork futures, fight a never ending battle against the majority. The most that the few marginalized statesmen can do typically expresses itself in merely slowing the tide of radicalism and pork chop politicians. With a political generation of twelve years, Congress finds itself overloaded with individuals without experience in the real world. Congress also avoids contact with the real world through its high reelection rates where the incumbent enjoys an eleven percent advantage over any challenger. Today, Congress deliberately obfuscates the legislative process by passing legislation through a multitude of tortuous and convoluted processes that one author referred to as “unorthodox or nonstandard.” This ensures that the few principled statesmen find themselves in the same predicament that the Dutch boy did at the dike. Only in this case, Congress plays the sea and the dike plays the Constitution.

          Congress, especially in the Senate, suffers under the alleged oratorical powers of a great many charlatans who pass themselves off as friends of the friendless, allies of the alienated, and the voice of the voiceless. Great quantities of words find themselves expended at any target who happens to find himself or herself in range. The Senate is especially arrogant, with one senator even being quoted saying “Rules are never observed in this body, they are only made to be broken” Congressmen also frequently embrace a pet cause, whose veracity remains in question, and with these causes, such as gun control, locked and loaded, the Congressman/woman/person/hermaphrodite sprays away at any convenient target demographic, completely and totally blissfully ignorant of reality.

           Many Congressmen have moved themselves so far away from the mainstream of American thought that they espouse ideas and beliefs that the average American would laugh at. Bernie Sanders, the self-professed socialist Congressman from Vermont openly advocates for socialist ideas in Congress, ideas that the majority of Americans would find highly objectionable, as well as completely contrary to their everyday experiences as Americans. And now he is working to bring his special brand of economic illiteracy to the White House. I suppose an honest (at least about what he espouses economically) socialist is better than the current lying Marxist. 

         Congressmen sometimes pass bills from the other house for reasons of pure political expediency without any amount of debate or consideration in the slightest. Having transformed itself into a bastion of variant beliefs and ideas that have resulted in further degradation of the American way of life and practice, Congress blithely goes along and then wonders why its opinion polls are so low (Admittedly part of this is due to the average I-hate-all-congressman-but-mine, lovable rogue that he is American voter). Because most of Congress has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, many have absorbed the rot that infests liberal academia today.

          Congress is comprised largely of thugs with clean mugs(Remember how much attention was paid to Paul Ryan's five day shadow recently), but dirty hands. They write many rules, laws, rules about rules, and laws about laws. The Congressional Register gets thicker and more imposing by the year, and yet the vast majority of these rules and regulations accomplish nothing. Rarely consulted except by those wishing to use them to twist the Constitution into a pretzel or slip around it in some way. This mass of rules and writing creates a buffer between the Constitution and those sworn to protect and uphold it. Like the Pharisees of old, who imposed a mass of regulations onto Scripture that superseded it, Congress has imposed a mass of regulatory procedures onto the Constitution.

            Members of Congress, none more so than the lawyers who constitute a small majority, work assiduously to find new way of obeying the letter of the law and breaking its spirit. Members speculate on the side, play favoritism in order to divert funds to businesses and projects owned by family members or friends, slide pork laden legislation into bills until they drip with legislative grease, all to enrich themselves at the nation’s expense. Congress manifest and many failures have so thoroughly demonstrated themselves that no rational argument exists to deny its multitude of peccadilloes. Congress and its members have created a leviathan of state worse than the majority of Americans could possibly comprehend.  

   And then they wonder where Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders draw their support from. The symptoms of a problem can be just as fascinating as the problem itself. 


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