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Bernie Back From the Brink

After a drubbing in in the rust belt, Bernie's campaign appeared to be on life support. Hillary seemed to switch her focus towards the general election. Some of the pundit class began to opine about the best way to bring the Democratic part back together.

  However Bernie injected some badly needed life into his campaign  with a sweep of Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington. With these victories he closed the pledged delegate count to within 268. While he still trails heavily with the super delegates, the super delegates typically swing with the wind.

  North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming hold much potential for Bernie especially if he is able to increase the young voter turnout. Bernie still faces an uphill battle but one with more hope.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Republican establishment is in a real tough spot. With Trump surging to a commanding delegate lead and Ted Cruz  being the runner up, they have no where to turn. Their hand picked candidate Jeb, ran an abysmal campaign wasting over one hundred million dollars of donor funds for no victories. Their next option in Rubio was pummeled in his home state of Florida and dropped out. Their remaining candidate  Governor Kasich only won his home state of Ohio and trails  in the polls everywhere else.

Logically, the GOP establishment should be rallying to Ted Cruz, a verified conservative, in order to stop Trump. Since the establishment hates Cruz as well, they seem to be trying for a contested convention. However, this strategy is risky. If Trump or Cruz goes in with almost enough delegates for the nomination but then the establishment pulls the rug out and inserts their own candidate, the GOP convention would likely descend into open war.

The GOP ruling class is faced with three unpalatab…

Super Tuesday 2.0

The wild circus that is the 2016 Presidential primaries rolls on. Tonight Trump  successfully ran Rubio off the road. Thanks to winning Florida, Trump now only needs to get either Missouri or Ohio to stay on track to grab the nomination. The  GOP establishment is in a state of panic and is desperately trying to help Kasich win Ohio.They hope that Kasich's  win will keep Trump from getting the needed delegates to win the nomination outright. The establishment is currently clinging to the hope of a brokered convention in order to stop the two outsiders, Trump and Cruz, from gaining the nomination.  Stay tuned as the results roll in.

Random Trump Rant

I am not a Trump supporter, I am all the way for Ted Cruz. That said,  for all of Trump's flaws,  he did not abandon our men to brutality and eventual death at the hands of Islam; he did not hand out Top Secret information to any hacker that wanted it; he does not alternate between vitriolically expressing his hatred for American values and traditions and cloyingly calling for Marxist-Leninist-Fascist economic and social change, couched in a saccharine snivel; he is not running for office on a platform that largely equates to "vote for me, my plumbing is different than a man's;" he did not trash the White House,  forcing costly repairs;  the words "slatternly conniving termagant" do not come to mind whenever he appears; he was not fired from the Watergate investigation for gross contempt and unseemly,  dishonest conduct; and I got a good chuckle out of him asking if the President would have attended Justice Scalia's funeral if it had been held in mosque…