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A Few Thoughts

I was looking around for something to try my hand at fisking (as you can tell, Cato and I are still working on the look and feel of both the blog and our respective writing styles) but I couldn't find anything that really jumped out at me. So this post will mostly just ramble a bit on some of what is currently transpiring/Things That Interest Publius.

Sure there are many things going on right now that do lend themselves to fisking. The Verge's idiotic recent article on American fascism comes to mind. Many words expended to expound a mixture of the blindingly obvious and PC finger shaking. One of the many dirty secrets (a very poorly kept one I might add) around the liberal left is their comfort around Totalitarianism (capital T), whether is is Communist or Fascist in nature.

This is ever more clearly shown in the recent spate of articles around North Carolina's recently passed legislation aimed at protecting religious freedom form the Gaystopo, as well as preventing men from using the women's restroom. These are eminently fiskable in their own right, showing a marvelous double standard around just what freedom mean, plus a massive dose of the usual liberal hatred of religion and and people of faith. I especially love how every article on North Carolina starts with some variation of it having just passed an "anti-LGBT" bill.  "Anti-T" bill would at least be closer semantically.

I applaud Governor Pat McCrory's actions, and hope that he and his administration can withstand the surge of hatred and intolerance (we can use these words too) that is coming down on him for his principled stand against allowing a small minority of deeply perverted and twisted individuals to dictate state policy and attack people of faith.

Make no mistake, the culture war is real and the other side is ruthless in their fight against us. Now is not the time for moderation, but for attack. Already the incest lobby is gathering its strength and allies, using the same arguments to justify acceptance that the homosexuals used. It will not stop with gay marriage. Liberals want marriage to be defined so broadly that it means nothing, they rejoice in sick, twisted behaviors, and shattered lives.

The majority of the science-fiction community(being defined as the major publishing houses other than Baen, plus the great circle-jerk of authors exploring sad seals being clubbed by evil capitalists) is currently working hard to avoid confronting the fact that one of its most noted authors was a perverted child abuser. I anticipate this year's Hugo awards being vastly entertaining as the Rabid Puppies and Sad Puppies build on last year's success and continue to punch up against the pathetic liberal message fiction dominating the shelves, that makes it difficult to find anything worth reading at Barnes and Noble. I personally care very little for an author's socio-economic beliefs so long as they can tell an entertaining story. Eric Flint (card carrying Trotskyite) and Larry Correia (probably too libertarian to have a card) have both entertained me immensely over the years.

This election, both in what has been written and what my conversations with people have involved, has shown very clearly just how bereft of logic, common sense, and decency liberals and quite a few alleged conservatives are. Most of all, if anyone needed any further proof that liberals are poorly educated and historically illiterate...I give you Bernie Sanders and His Idiot Supporters. I have a long post coming soon on the historical illiteracy of new ground really but a subject that just keeps on giving.


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