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The Information Paradigm Shift

We are in the middle of an information access revolution. An unprecedented explosion in the size, scope, and ease of access to information has subjected the traditional gate-keepers of content to the brutal realities of losing a heretofore captive audience.

We are capable of choosing our own outlets and channels, both metaphorically and literally, and this has especially had ruinous consequences for the liberal leaning (to be VERY generous) news distributors. Market pressures have seen the collapse and reduction of the dominate news organizations, with outlets either closing, reducing their workforce, or selling out (See: Washington Post).

Given that the traditional news organizations are over 90 percent liberal(okay, I'm done being generous), their first reaction has of course been to attempt to use the power of government to compel support and consumers. The cleverly named "Fairness Doctrine" that liberals love to push is merely one of many guises for their totalitaria…

The Five Stages of #NeverTrump

Today Trump officially crossed the magic 1,237 delegate line and secured the 2016 Republican nomination. Taking a page from the five stages of grief, here is how the  GOP establishment/ #Nevertrump crowd has handled the nomination process so far.


He is not a serious candidate. He can win a few contests but his ceiling is is 25%....40 % ...50%

He said X, this will finish him. (later) Well yeah I said he was finished last time but this time he has stepped in it for sure.

He has won the most votes but he will never make it to 1,237 delegates.


I will vote for anyone else! I am switching to team Hillary. ( Some are still stuck here)


Trump and Hillary are both so unpopular lets run a third party. ( Some including Bill Kristol have take this stance)


see also: poor Glen "Cheetos Face" Beck


Sheldon Adelson pledging around $100,000,000 to help Trump and the GOP.

 I believe the majority of establishment Republican voters will work the…

John C Wright - Patreon

John C Wright is a rarity in science-fiction circles, a conservative Catholic who stands strongly for biblical values and against the creeping authoritarianism of the liberal left. I will confess to not being a particularly avid reader of his previously published fiction as my own subjective tastes in literature are somewhat removed from what he writes, but this in no way is a strike against Mr. Wright.

What I primarily enjoy that he writes are his opinion pieces, which are always masterpieces of wit and coherent logic. His ability to use rhetoric to slice through the absurdities of the liberal philosophy is second to none and is not purely limited to mere political matters. Just to show his versatility, his review of the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug movie is laugh out loud funny, and should be required reading for any Tolkien fans who; as I was; were not impressed with those bloated monstrosities that were leavened with more than a hint of SJW nonsense.

He recently started a Patreon …

Bernie Sander's Three Pillars: Democratic Socialism, Fascism, and Communism.

America is currently in the midst of one of the most partisan and vicious elections since Andrew Jackson's election campaign in the early 1800s. We aren't even to the general elections yet and already the rhetoric and tone of the primaries in both major parties has been vicious and full of mudslinging.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump has captured the Republican nomination in all but name, as every one of his sixteen opponents has been ground under the wheels of "The Donald's" rhetorically driven campaign. I personally have a considerable amount of distrust towards Mr. Trump, not so much towards what he says, as I find myself in considerable agreement with much of it, but because of his record of flip-flops and dishonesty.

However, Donald Trump has tapped into a great deal of the current frustration and anger that many in America feel today towards the political process and the establishment. If he is able to ride this wave into the Oval office, the American …

Over the First Mountain

Donald Trump has done what the political insiders considered impossible. Trump, the ultimate political outsider, has essentially won the Republican presidential nomination. He is about a non traditional republican candidate as can be imagined  from his anti-globalism to his aggressive, attack oriented tone.  Trumps nomination has the  political establishment and pundits reeling in disbelief and outrage.

 Part of this outrage is the result of Trump blowing up the neoconservative planks of the Republican platform. Trump has called for a move away from free trade, globalism, and military interventions. His foreign policy speech called for the refocusing of America's international affairs based primarily  on American self interest.  To many Americans this seem blatantly obvious. To the establishment insiders, this is intolerable. Teh establishment does not understand the reasons for Trumps success.

One reason for Trump's success is the anger of non beltway America at the steady ec…