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Over the First Mountain

Donald Trump has done what the political insiders considered impossible. Trump, the ultimate political outsider, has essentially won the Republican presidential nomination. He is about a non traditional republican candidate as can be imagined  from his anti-globalism to his aggressive, attack oriented tone.  Trumps nomination has the  political establishment and pundits reeling in disbelief and outrage.

 Part of this outrage is the result of Trump blowing up the neoconservative planks of the Republican platform. Trump has called for a move away from free trade, globalism, and military interventions. His foreign policy speech called for the refocusing of America's international affairs based primarily  on American self interest.  To many Americans this seem blatantly obvious. To the establishment insiders, this is intolerable. Teh establishment does not understand the reasons for Trumps success.

One reason for Trump's success is the anger of non beltway America at the steady economic erosion of the working and middle class. The issue is rather complex but it is fair to say the free trade polices beloved by the establishment have played a significant role.  Another reason has been the establishment  encouraging and abetting of illegal immigration. These immigrants undercut wages of citizens and place burdens on the social services. Finally, the brunt of America's global policing efforts have been borne by these classes as there sons and daughters are called upon to bleed and die in foreign lands for little discernible purpose. I would argue these three issues are the primary reasons for Trumps success.

Trump still faces a tough general election fight. The Democrats and media will brutally attack him. The establishment Republicans will be taking potshots as well. Trump has climbed the first mountain in winning the Republican nomination. He now has a more difficult challenge in climbing the general election mountain.


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