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Brexit Blowback

After the earth stopped shaking from the Brexit vote, the globalist media raced into action. They began damage control, desperately trying to undo the damage the Leave vote wrought to the glorious European socialist utopia.

As is  consistent with the usual Statist worldview, referendums and democracy are legitimate as long as they echo the glorious rulers views. Since this referendum went directly against the globalist interests, it must be undermined.

The first line of attack is that the voters did not fully understand what they were doing. Despite the ballots very simple "leave" or "remain" options, clearly the peasants  voters were intellectually overwhelmed.

The next line of attack is that another referendum must be held. The EU believes in voting until the issue is decided in their favor, then no more voting.

Finally, the Leave voters must be portrayed as ignorant and backward. Since they did not agree with the smart Brussels bureaucrats, they are clearly stu…

Rule Britannia: Brexit is a Go!

In a stunning turn of events that sent ripples around the globe, the United Kingdom voted to the leave the European union. Despite the erroneous predictions of the pundit class, the People of Brian have shaken off the bureaucratic chains of the EU.

Enough of the British, (52%), chose to stand for freedom yesterday. They did this despite the gloom and doom scare tactics of the Remain camp. The Remain camp painted a apocalyptic picture of economic ruin that a Leave vote would entail. However, the Leave vote countered this fear mongering very effectively.

First, they successfully called attention to the fact that he EU is net drain on The United Kingdom and other economically prosperous countries underwrite the basket cases like Greece. Businesses in the UK are hampered by having to conform to stifling EU regulation

Immigration also was pivotal factor in the voting.  The free of movement of workers in the Eurozone has insured that Eastern Europeans and others have flooded into the United…


In an interesting case of parallel political currents, the recent resurgence in American nationalism has an British counterpart in the Brexit vote. Simply put, on June 23rd the United Kingdom will vote whether to leave or remain in the European Union.  The globalist are shocked that anyone would want to leave the lovely crumbling paradise that is the EU.

The Remain  movement (pro globalist camp) is promising dire economic consequences if if the UK leaves. All of the "experts" agree that a vote to leave could cause economic catastrophe. Of course these same experts missed the US housing crash, the Greek meltdown and  the other assorted economic calamities of the past decade.

The Leave vote's stance could be simply summed up to say that the Britons can govern Britain best, not some faceless and unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels. The Leave vote also looks around and wonders if they should become a minority in their own country as hordes of immigrants pour into the world…

The Orlando Massacre

When I first heard of the shooting, I knew exactly what religious group had perpetrated it. The media at first demurred to give up the shooter's religion. The grudgingly revealed who it was and my suspicions were confirmed:

 It was an Amish grandma!

 A Bhuddist priest!

 An Evil straight church going  male!

Yep,it was a Muslim man.

( this is my shocked face)

Immediately the inevitable cry of "Not all Muslims are like that" rings out.

The reality is that enough are.

Fisking TheVerge's Idiotic Article on Orlando

TheVerge is a publication that puts up a decent amount of solid tech reporting. As a fully SJW converged organization however, they are of course completely incompetent when it comes to social issues. When it comes to reporting on the new Xbox: TheVerge is right on that. When it comes to attacking the shirt of a a scientist who landed a spaceship on a comet...they are on that even faster.

 Elizabeth Lopatto put up an amazing piece of work on the tragedy in Orlando. It is eminently fiskable, because it so beautifully illustrates the idiocy and willful stupidity of the left. Liberals have gone from the logic and brilliance of Voltaire to idiocies like this writer, in only three hundred years. I'm not linking to it because even the one or two visits that would come from this barely seen blog are more than she deserves.

Her closing paragraph perfectly encapsulates the blindly intolerant liberal mindset.

In a way, the political moves after the massacre made sense: just pit Muslims aga…

Partial Guide to Alt-Right Websites

Its an interesting time to be an American, especially if you are interested in politics and socioeconomics. The Internet has enabled many other-wise marginalized voices to be heard, and communities to sprout up around shared beliefs and goals.

One of the largest and fastest growing of these segments is the loose collection of websites known collectively as the "alt-right." While differing in many respects and exhibiting a tremendous degree of variety in their approach and tactics, the alt-right is largely unified around a respect for tradition and masculinity and is committed to largely libertarian ideals.  

There is much written that I do not endorse on these sites, but I do endorse a large portion of it and feel that Reality Hammer belongs in the same general political spectrum. Disagreements among intelligent men are nothing new, and are a very healthy thing, so long as these disagreements are carried on by rational adults who use the tools of logic to debate and disagre…

The Slow Bern

This weekend the Associated Press crowned Hillary the Democratic nominee. They did this on the strength of her super delegates which got her over the threshold. In response, Bernie Sanders remained defiant and hoped for big win in California.

Yesterday Bernie's hope of a rousing California victory was dashed.  Some party pundits hoped Bernie would concede the nomination race and unify the party. Most candidates in this position would  have conceded. Today in Vermont, Bernie was unrelenting,. He pledged to take the nomination all the way to the convention floor.

This stubborn obstinance is going to cause Hillary headaches. Hillary,who is remarkably unpopular, desperately needs to unify the Democratic base and quickly pivot towards the center. Instead since Bernie is holding out, she is faced with the riled up Bernie Bro's who are voicing their displeasure with her corrupt business and unsavory foreign connections. The more moderate wing of the Democratic party is growing incre…

Christian Charity

As a conservative Christian who is deeply libertarian with regards to economics, I wanted to write an article to counter the idiots I frequently encounter who name the name of Christ, but spit on His teachings regarding the poor and needy.
 Specifically I want to take a metaphorical mallet to the "Christian Social Justice Warrior" (my name) individuals who twist the very faith into a pretzel to justify their unbiblical and hellacious ideology. "Poverty" as spoken of by them is yet another excuse for more government money and sanctimonious preaching about (for example) the need to "wife-up" single mothers and support them while raising another man's illegitimate offspring. 
Firstly; poverty is frequently spoken of in relative; as opposed to absolute terms. Many Americans classed in poverty have indoor plumbing, a car, a big screen TV, and a refrigerator. Those living in genuine poverty are those who fight for every crumb of food and do not know where the…

Liberals and Karl Marx

It is important for a modern man to understand the key writers and thinkers whose works shaped and influenced today's politically discourses. And no branch of thinking is more important than economics as it affects and impacts every area of our lives. Especially in this current political race, where a major player is running on an openly socialist platform, an economic theory that has its roots in the writings of a 19th century ideologue named Karl Marx.          Today's liberal, whether a Bernie Sanders voter or a Hillary adherent are heavily influenced by Karl Marx, even if they refuse to admit it directly or only mouth Marxist platitudes that they have learned by rote and do not know the source. They are also heavily influenced by fascist economic thought, but that is an article for another day.               Traditional economics on the other hand, is largely derived in the west from the writings and lectures of the eighteenth century economic pioneer Adam Smith,…

Responsible Journalism

Over at Danger and Play, Mike Cernavitch just posted an extremely good take-down of what passes for modern-day "journalism," that is well worth reading. I also wanted to single out one specific part of his article that really stood out to me.

Speaking “truth to power” means taking on powerful individuals, not random white people.You learned in journalism classes that “speaking truth to power” means taking on poor white people because whites have structural privilege. (I know all of your stupid arguments. They aren’t hard to comprehend.)  Today's traditional media outlets are have abandoned any shred of credibility. As I wrote last week, the Internet has given each and every American the ability to choose the channels through which he  receives his news.

The liberal news media is dominated by SJWs who will do everything in their power to push The Narrative, and a major part of The Narrative is that all white males are evil white males. Somehow merely being born with less p…

Bill Kristol's Damp Squib

Today, after some lengthy teasing, Bill Kristol announced his third party candidate. Kristol had promised a serious candidate with a good opportunity for victory. It was not clear if by victory he meant winning the election or merely peeling off enough conservative votes to give Hillary the win.

Today he proudly announced the Trump killer was going to be David French. Instead of thunderous applause the announcement was great with one word.


After some googling, I discovered that Mr. French is a former solider, who in addition to being a lawyer also writes for the National Review. It would be fair to say that the average American has no idea who he is either. If you are running a serious third part campaign, nominating someone with nearly zero recognition is hardly a promising start.

Bill Kristol  promised a dazzling firework display and merely lit a damp squib.