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Fisking TheVerge's Idiotic Article on Orlando

 TheVerge is a publication that puts up a decent amount of solid tech reporting. As a fully SJW converged organization however, they are of course completely incompetent when it comes to social issues. When it comes to reporting on the new Xbox: TheVerge is right on that. When it comes to attacking the shirt of a a scientist who landed a spaceship on a comet...they are on that even faster.

 Elizabeth Lopatto put up an amazing piece of work on the tragedy in Orlando. It is eminently fiskable, because it so beautifully illustrates the idiocy and willful stupidity of the left. Liberals have gone from the logic and brilliance of Voltaire to idiocies like this writer, in only three hundred years. I'm not linking to it because even the one or two visits that would come from this barely seen blog are more than she deserves.

Her closing paragraph perfectly encapsulates the blindly intolerant liberal mindset.

In a way, the political moves after the massacre made sense: just pit Muslims against gay people and bring down the left by pretending it’s hypocritical to care about Muslim and LGBT lives at the same time.

To the vacant expanse that comprises the liberal mind, a paragraph like this makes perfect sense. To those of us capable of rational thought...its hilariously naive and willfully arrogant. The Left does love it some gay people, but it also loves Islam. Its like the Left's position on socialism. Sure it has ruined every single country it has been fully implemented in (Nazi Germany, Russia, Venezuela) and been an increasing burden on the economy in every country that it is being implemented in (USA, England, Scandinavian countries), but that's just because it was never implemented correctly. The No True Scotsman argument is pretty much the only argument in the liberal grab bag these days.

So; according to this brilliant thinker; Muslim man who attended his mosque regularly, whose father ran pro-Taliban ads on Afghanistan TV, who swore allegiance to ISIS, was the picture of a faithful Muslim, and who targeted the gay community in accordance with the teachings of Islamic faith and the preaching of its widely spread imams...was NOT a Muslim. The Muslim theocracies of the Arab world, the nine countries listed below in which it is a crime punishable by death to be gay...NOT Muslims.
Except, of course, that "gay" and "Muslim" are more like a Venn diagram; there are people who are both.
Maybe in America there are...seems a trifle doubtful that there are that many, but maybe there are thousands of them. But you know where there aren't many out and proud gay Muslims? The Middle East. The darlings of the liberal left BDS movement, the Palestinians, according to Pew boast a staggering 96% attitude against homosexuality. Also see: Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen, every single one of them places where you are officially put to death for being homosexual. Coincidentally, those are also places dominated by...Muslims. Weird huh? There sure are a lot of people pretending to be Muslim running around (and completely running) a LOT of countries.

2009 Gallop poll of over a thousand Muslims in the UK could not find a single one who thought that homosexuality was acceptable. Not. One.

 There should be an inquiry as to why so many millions of people can pretend to be Muslim, go to mosques, read the Koran, and proselytize for Islam without being called out by the True Tolerant Gay Loving Muslims. TheVerge will get right on it, just as soon as they finish chasing down and stoning the last baker who hurts a gay couple's feelings. Provided the baker is white and Protestant of course. If he is a Muslim baker from Dearborn, Michigan, he gets a free pass.

Maybe the straight community can be fooled by the faked grief from a group of people who consistently legislated against LGBT folks.
For a Caring Liberal, the personal is the political. I am not a supporter of gay marriage, but I am as horrified as any good American that a Muslim man(or men) attacked our citizens on our soil and slaughtered them. I don't support no-fault divorce or pre-marital sex either, doesn't mean I don't grieve for any divorced individuals or those in a sexual relationship outside of marriage who were gunned down by other no doubt pretend-Muslims in Paris. A tragedy is a tragedy, and people are people, no matter my political or social disagreements with them.

Milo Yiannopoulos is one of my favorite writers to read and follow. He is a gifted speaker and fierce defender of free speech and liberty. He is also a homosexual whose lifestyle I do not agree with. I would happily meet him and have dinner with him. Because actual adults can have disagreements that do not affect their ability to get along, children cannot. And that is what SJWs like the writer of this TheVerge column are...children.

Caring Liberals are the most intolerant, infantile, and cruel humans on the planet. They cover up the murders of Marxists like Castro and proudly wear shirts of Che Guevara, another murderous thug. Any disagreement is cause for vicious and intolerant assaults. Do not let people like this into your organizations or circle. SJWs cannot build anything, their ideology only lets them destroy the hard work and efforts of others. The author closes her article with a final brilliant gem:

But here in the Castro, the LGBT community and the Muslim community made a point of embracing. The anger in the crowd — and there was plenty — was aimed squarely at bigotry and at guns. When Tom Ammiano, a state assembly member, said "F--- the NRA," the crowd cheered. I did, too.

So if it wasn't an actual Muslim who did this tragedy, who is to blame? I'm glad you asked! Because its all part of a clever plot by the NRA.  The NRA deliberately took a...I dunno Southern Baptist and made him be the picture of a practicing Muslim for years! Then they handed him an Evil Black Assault Weapon and turned him loose! Ouch, the Stupid Hammer rally hurts doesn't it? Get hit by it enough times and you will lose enough gray cells to qualify as a Caring Liberal.

So to wrap things up: according to Ms. Lopatto, a practicing Muslim who followed the teaching of the Koran and the sayings of a fake-Muslim and even if he was a Muslim, he does not represent the vast host of Muslims, who are uniformly gay loving and tolerant according to her. But he does represent the entirety of the NRA, who are Evil and need to be stopped. Because the NRA throws gays off building. Wait, no that happens to gays in Iraq under ISIS, an ISLAMIC group. Maybe its because the NRA released videos urging...fake-Muslims to kill homosexuals. No wait, that was an Muslim cleric visiting Orlando several weeks ago.

It must be hard to be a liberal, trying to distinguish between so many millions of people who claim to be Muslim and follow the teachings of Islam but are actually fake-Muslims who all have NRA cards and bumper stickers on their camels, and the vast host of Islam, who all love them some gay people.

Ultimately, the left is going to have to choose between supporting Islam and supporting gays. And they will of course choose Islam. Because getting picketed by fabulous looking gays is far better than getting blown up by terrorists. And the left, riddled by SJWs and other a coward.

Don't be a sheeple.


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