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Partial Guide to Alt-Right Websites

Its an interesting time to be an American, especially if you are interested in politics and socioeconomics. The Internet has enabled many other-wise marginalized voices to be heard, and communities to sprout up around shared beliefs and goals.

One of the largest and fastest growing of these segments is the loose collection of websites known collectively as the "alt-right." While differing in many respects and exhibiting a tremendous degree of variety in their approach and tactics, the alt-right is largely unified around a respect for tradition and masculinity and is committed to largely libertarian ideals.  

There is much written that I do not endorse on these sites, but I do endorse a large portion of it and feel that Reality Hammer belongs in the same general political spectrum. Disagreements among intelligent men are nothing new, and are a very healthy thing, so long as these disagreements are carried on by rational adults who use the tools of logic to debate and disagree.

This is something that liberals and even many on the conservative side simply do not grasp. To take a principled stand based on logic and a respect for tradition is anathema to liberals, who instead take wildly contradictory positions based on the hallowed feel-goods, emotion and rhetoric. But then, liberalism is the corrupt offspring of so many poisonous philosophies, that it is no wonder its adherents exhibit poisonous attitudes towards freedom of speech, of worship, of firearm ownership, freedom to own a business and profit off of it, and freedom to think what you will.

Below (in no particular order) are some of the alt-right sites that I personally feel are the most thought provoking and well put together. More and more spring up every day, this is by no means an all-inclusive list. Some on here may not technically belong in the alt-right section but their writers espouse many of the same philosophies and have much to contribute. Most of them I have regularly read for several years, others I found more recently. I place them here along with several paragraphs about them and why I enjoy reading them. If you are a man who feels alone in a world that seems to increasingly abandon reason by the day, discover this community and take comfort. You are not alone.

At some point in the future I will add to this list the other alt-right sites that  I read and why, but here are my personal top seven. (Why top seven? Because seven is the number of completion in the Bible/this post was bulking up far longer than I intended and I had to cut it off somewhere.)

Return of Kings

Return of Kings is published by Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, who also runs a personal alt-right blog known as "RooshV." ROK publishes a wide variety of content from its stable of writers, covering everything from various pickup techniques to political and historical articles to tips on healthy living.

As a traditional Christian I do not support adultery/fornication/divorce(other than under the very limited conditions specifically spelled out by the Bible), or any form of a dissolute moral life, and articles on how to engage in these actions are indeed published on ROK. However, ROK also publishes a large quantity of solid, easy to read, and well researched content from a libertarian point of view and brings to prominence many stories that the liberal news media will simply not cover.

Under the "About" section on the ROK website, there are listed seven basic tenets that the website and its authors subscribe to, a specific theory labeled by Roosh as "Neomasculinity." Each of these tenets is in line with libertarian-conservative thinking and provides a framework that most alt-right sites will follow, whether they specifically subscribe to Neomasculinity. I cannot find anything of substance to disagree with in these seven tenets and recommend them as a thought provoking topic to consider.

As with anything, a well rounded man should be able to read with discernment and there is a great deal of solid meat to be had there alongside some bones to spit out. They usually publish three-four stories a day and are a standard part of my daily reading.  

Roosh V

Roosh V's personal blog. Frequently an interesting read for articles dealing with free speech. Roosh is a divisive character who has a great deal of substance to say on free speech, the corrosive affects of feminism, and the toxic character of liberal authoritarianism.

I usually drop by a couple times a week to see if anything new on the culture wars has been posted. Roosh is currently getting ready to publish a new book on free speech, called Free Speech Isn't Free that promises to be a good read on the tactics and violence used by liberals against those they disagree with. As Roosh has found out and written about in detail, there is no possibility of free speech with liberals and their hangers-on.  


Dalrock focuses primarily on relationships and family from the point of view of a conservative Christian who rejects all but the traditional views of morality and the sexes. His articles on the cancer of feminism and the damage done to relationships and men from the toxic liberal (but I repeat myself) ideologies on gender and family are invariably thought provoking.Additionally, he has an army of commentators that frequently add a great deal to the discussion at hand.

I highly recommend the articles tagged under "Ugly Feminists" as frequently being a great source of schadenfreude. Dalrock is on my daily reading list and has been for several years.

Vox Day

Possibly the most talented troll on the Internet, Vox Day maintains a massively popular blog where one can find thought provoking analysis and commentary on essentially everything. I say "troll" not with contempt, but admiration by the way. Vox excels in finding the most creative way to infuriate liberals and faux conservatives (cuckservatives in alt-right terminology) who come into his cross hairs.

A brutally honest writer with a penchant for deliberate cruelty to perceived intellectual inferiors who attempt to spar with him, Vox is always entertaining to read and thought provoking to those who have the stomach to digest what he says. I will admit to being a proponent of free trade and was at least open to the idea of immigration prior to exposure to what he had to say on the topic. I no longer hold those positions, as I cannot logically reconcile them with the reality that I see around me.

If Vox is wrong (and I think he is on a couple things) he will absolutely force you to examine what you believe and why. If he is right, he is unbeatable.

Vox is also the author of several strong fantasy books; most notably Throne of Bones; which is an entertaining read where the nihilism so prevalent in today's sad and intellectually bereft fantasy works is nowhere to be found (And if you ever end up reading this Vox R.R. Day, hurry up with the dang sequel). I also strongly recommend SJW's Always Lie, a solidly researched and well written look at the SJW menace and how to survive its purges.

Its also worth checking out the small publishing house Vox founded, Castalia House. Its output is small, but its enjoyment is high. The blog on there is fairly esoteric and I rarely read it, but its definitely worth checking out to see if its something you might enjoy.

Vox Day was actually the first alt-right website I started reading, over three years ago and it is one of the first sites on my list to check every morning. He typically posts around three times every day and has mastered the art of building his brand and keeping his considerable followers engaged. For fun he essentially trolled the entire Hugo Awards (essentially the Oscar but for books) this year, a meltdown that continues to this day and that I look forward to following as it unfolds in its entirety.

Danger and Play

 Mike Cernovich is a lawyer and alt-right figurehead who specializes in short, punchy posts focused around a lifestyle he calls Danger and Play. His articles on Trump, free speech, liberal ideology, etc are well worth reading. While not as broad ranging as Vox in his topics, he is a similar master of rhetoric and has built a very solid brand and following.

His lifestyle book Gorilla Mindset has a considerable amount record of success on Amazon. I have not read it in its entirety yet, as it is not very high on my considerable reading list but I do own it and have enjoyed reading excerpts from it.

I read his site every day or two, typically seeing a post or two that I find relevant to my interests.

John C Wright 

John C Wright is a former atheist who converted to Catholicism in adulthood. He writes science fiction/fantasy novels and blogs about religion, politics, etc. (Side note: please do read his review of the Desolation of Smaug, absolutely side-splittingly funny and very accurate.)

Wright writes (pun!) at a very high intellectual level, one that sometimes can require thought to grasp. This is not a bug, it is a feature. As a published author (Probably the sole conservative Tor has published...ever)who has not given in to the SJW nonsense and who holds to his traditionally Christian beliefs, he has suffered a great deal of abuse from liberals and has undoubtedly lost money from it. He unapologetically stands for traditional marriage and masculinity and is deeply hated of liberals. If the measure of a man is by his enemies, Wright stands as one of the finest men alive and writing.

He posts somewhat erratically, but it is invariably worth reading. As I stated several days ago, I will confess to not being an avid reader of his fantasy, as it is not a genre I read much of, but his talent is undeniable. I especially want to call out his Patreon account and the science fiction work he is publishing through there currently. Written in the breathless style of classic pulp science fiction it is extremely enjoyable and captures the feeling that I felt when I first started reading the John Carter of Mars series many years ago.

Larry Correia

Larry Correia is a massively successful science-fiction author who frequently is on the NYT Best Seller list as well as consistently being one of the top selling authors in his genre on Amazon. A Mormon who is an unabashed conservative, he specializes in gun politics and fiskings.

His website is updated sporadically as Larry is extremely busy with his writings and other related activities, but anything he posts is worth reading. His article on gun control is one of the top ones on the Internet, and should be required reading for anyone who wants to have an opinion on the issue.

While I would personally not place him in the alt-right camp as not only is he is more of a traditional conservative, he is also mostly focused (understandably) on his writing career. Nevertheless he deserves a place on this list. Anybody who makes liberals all butt-hurt and angst ridden is on our side.

Especially enjoyable are his periodic fiskings of liberal articles, especially Salon articles and articles by a certain idiotic wannabe author named Damian Walter.

Here are a few of my favorite fiskings that he has done:

We are not alone. We have allies. Be encouraged and cheered. 


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