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Responsible Journalism

Over at Danger and Play, Mike Cernavitch just posted an extremely good take-down of what passes for modern-day "journalism," that is well worth reading. I also wanted to single out one specific part of his article that really stood out to me.

Speaking “truth to power” means taking on powerful individuals, not random white people.You learned in journalism classes that “speaking truth to power” means taking on poor white people because whites have structural privilege. (I know all of your stupid arguments. They aren’t hard to comprehend.)
 Today's traditional media outlets are have abandoned any shred of credibility. As I wrote last week, the Internet has given each and every American the ability to choose the channels through which he  receives his news.

The liberal news media is dominated by SJWs who will do everything in their power to push The Narrative, and a major part of The Narrative is that all white males are evil white males. Somehow merely being born with less pigment in your skin than someone whose ancestors came from Africa instead of Europe grants you access to a Privilege Room, where goodies galore wait for the lucky white entrant. Or as one mediocre science fiction writer put it: "Straight White Male” is the lowest difficulty setting there is."

It takes a lot of education to get that dumb(a Bachelors in Philosophy is one good example). The fact of the matter is that there are pernicious and wicked people of all races and skin colors who are working to destroy our Republic. Skin color isn't the problem, culture and ideology are the problem.

Bernie Sanders isn't pushing an evil and destructive philosophy that will inevitably lead to further fraying of the American tapestry of life until we turn into the hellhole that is Venezuela because he is an old, white, structurally privileged white guy, he is doing it because he is a socialist. Simple enough that one would think even the liberal brain could grasp at least the general elements of it.

Of course Bernie Sanders; other than when BLM decides to perpetrate some new violent and destructive act of boorishness at his rallies; isn't a major target at all for the liberal news sources. He is protected from most liberal angst due to his old, white structurally privileged hindquarters having the (snicker) trump card of being the main face of the resurgent totalitarian economic philosophy that liberals have been working to bring to America since before Time magazine put socialist Adolf Hitler on the cover as its Man of the Year in 1938.

Traditional news media has become ever more wedded to ancient and discredited economic and social philosophies, and continue to double down on pushing and promoting them. When your economic arguments are based on many concepts that Aristotle(an important old white guy, for those of you who went to public school/college) rebutted several thousand years are probably a writer for the New York Times.


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