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Pork Politics

Today in America, an epidemic is sweeping the nation, an epidemic that steals money from the pockets of the citizens of America; and an epidemic that must be stopped. Pork spending on bills is out of control in Washington, as legislators swap favors with each other to get goodies for their constituents, goodies such as bridges to nowhere, roads that nobody uses, and structures that are unneeded.
 In a time when America is deeply in debt, fighting overseas, struggling to pay off jus the interest on our massive debt, and sinking ever deeper into the endless hole that is government entitlements…the same hole that dragged Greece into chaos and is destroying the majority of economies in Europe…American legislative members are weighing the already burdened economy down with massive pork barrel politics. The American people do not deserve to have their hard earned money further taxed for the benefit of some legislative member’s pet project.
 Paying for a bridge to nowhere just so some fat cat …

A Storm Brewing in Philly

The Democrat's convention kicks off in Philly this week. Last week Donald Trump led the Republican convention to a somewhat bumpy but ultimate satisfying conclusion. This week the Democrats arrive at the  the convention with a base that is showing signs of fracturing.

The Democrat party is facing a fracture along age lines. During the primary the old Feminist guard rallied to Hillary and the younger Millennial base rallied to Bernie. The young are entranced by Bernie's vision of European style socialism.  Hillary is a shrewd enough politician to realize that mainstream America will not go for overt socialism. However, by having to chase Bernie leftward in the debates and  primary campaigning, she is going have trouble tacking back to center. Meanwhile the Bernie Bros feel left out with the centrist, Wall Street friendly selection of Kaine for vice president.

Another set of fracture points is along economic and ethnic lines. The democratic base of public and private union membe…

Welcome to the Oligarchy

Despite clearly violating federal law, Hillary Clinton has skated free.

In a rather logically incoherent statement the director of the FBI, James Comey, announced he will not recommend prosecution of Hillary. Despite laying out the convincing evidence of lawbreaking, Comey decided not to recommend prosocution. This baffling decision has left many wondering why.

The decision clearly indicates that their are two tiers in the judicial system, the normal one that all of the peasants (you and me)  encounter and the system for the privilege elite. Since Hillary is an elite, she walked away from potential charges that would have left a normal person in jail.

I believe it is a clear indication that the Oligarchy has begun to rule openly. Rather than pretending to abide by the laws that govern us, they are openly flaunting their special status.