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A Storm Brewing in Philly

The Democrat's convention kicks off in Philly this week. Last week Donald Trump led the Republican convention to a somewhat bumpy but ultimate satisfying conclusion. This week the Democrats arrive at the  the convention with a base that is showing signs of fracturing.

The Democrat party is facing a fracture along age lines. During the primary the old Feminist guard rallied to Hillary and the younger Millennial base rallied to Bernie. The young are entranced by Bernie's vision of European style socialism.  Hillary is a shrewd enough politician to realize that mainstream America will not go for overt socialism. However, by having to chase Bernie leftward in the debates and  primary campaigning, she is going have trouble tacking back to center. Meanwhile the Bernie Bros feel left out with the centrist, Wall Street friendly selection of Kaine for vice president.

Another set of fracture points is along economic and ethnic lines. The democratic base of public and private union members, BLM, and Hispanics is increasingly at odds. The Hispanics and blacks fight for many of the same jobs and neighborhoods. Just take a look at Compton and how the Hispanics pushed the blacks out. Combine the aggressive  Black Lives Matter movement and Hispanic power group La Raza and there are bound to be sparks The globalist trade policies of the Democrats mean that the private union members face increasing job loss as the trade agreements like NAFTA push their union  manufacturing jobs out of the country. Meanwhile the private sector union workers look at the bloating local, state, and federal work force and feel left behind.

Trump is wily and has started  hammering at the fracture points by attacking Hillary on trade policies and illegal immigration. This week in Philadelphia could prove chaotic as the various Democratic classes battle it out for control of the platform and campaign.


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