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Pork Politics

Today in America, an epidemic is sweeping the nation, an epidemic that steals money from the pockets of the citizens of America; and an epidemic that must be stopped. Pork spending on bills is out of control in Washington, as legislators swap favors with each other to get goodies for their constituents, goodies such as bridges to nowhere, roads that nobody uses, and structures that are unneeded.

 In a time when America is deeply in debt, fighting overseas, struggling to pay off jus the interest on our massive debt, and sinking ever deeper into the endless hole that is government entitlements…the same hole that dragged Greece into chaos and is destroying the majority of economies in Europe…American legislative members are weighing the already burdened economy down with massive pork barrel politics. The American people do not deserve to have their hard earned money further taxed for the benefit of some legislative member’s pet project.

 Paying for a bridge to nowhere just so some fat cat congressman can get his name on it is not right, not just, and not American. Americans deserve pork barrel reform and it starts with electing somebody who might actually make even baby steps in this direction. I don't know if Donald Trump is the man to do it, but I know that Lying Hillary, the Lizard Queen isn't.

Pork, Spam, and Legislative Grease
In 2010, Citizens Against Government Waste: a non-partisan organization that tries to track how much frivolous spending moves through Congress; uncovered 16.5 billion dollars’ worth of government waste and pork barrel spending, spread amongst more than nine thousand earmarks.Some of the notable articles in the lengthy list they compiled included 500,000 dollars to help control a particular species of snake in Guam, as well as more than 200,000 dollars of federal money to contribute to the no doubt pressing research into wool that has been pressing Americans’ minds heavily as of late.

            Congress frequently finds itself with the pressing need to push some earmarks through rapidly, without them undergoing even the cursory oversight that can happen in the normal course of legislation. To help them solve this dilemma, natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy can be a blessing in disguise. The emergency bill for aid to help clean up in its aftermath totaled over 60 billion dollars, of which huge sum only about thirty-six percent would be spent immediately, with the remaining sixty-four percent not being spent until 2015.This massive sum of money was slipped into the legislation using the crisis as a rubber stamp for it. This type of pork barrel politics must be stopped. Again, I don't know if Donald Trump is the right guy to do it, but he is saying a lot of the right things. And I know darn sure that Crooked Hillary isn't going to do anything but line her pockets, buy votes, and spend our posterity deeper and deeper into debt servitude.

One of the most striking instances of bi-partisanship in the United States Congress was shown in October of 2005 when the Senate closed ranks and heroically voted shoulder to shoulder to protect the “Bridge to Nowhere” by an overwhelmingly bipartisan 82-15 coalition of fiscal stalwarts. This bridge was infamous for being built in the heavily populated area of the United States known as Alaska and was meant to connect the metropolis of Ketchikan to Gravina Island(Population 50). This bridge was initially to cost 453 million dollars, but since it expanded Anchorage’s access to certain wetlands, it ballooned to almost two billion dollars. 

Congressmen Defending the Indefensible
The leading titan of fiscal rectitude in the Senate; Harry Reid has defended his repeated offenses against the American taxpayer in the matter of earmarks by saying that he has a “constitutional obligation” to use earmarks to bring “stuff back to Nevada.”Such unspecified items that he classes under the nebulous term “stuff” include a total cost to the American taxpayer of 662 million dollars in just two years ending in 2010.Of course; much of this money did not actually come directly from the overburdened American taxpayer, it came instead from our good friends and allies the Chinese. All this money was borrowed at the usual interest rates of course, and repayable by our children, who will no doubt thank him profusely in between long days and nights of slaving away to pay down the enormous national debt. 

For his services in continuing to indebt future generations to the Chinese; Harry Reid has been repeatedly sent back to the Senate proving that you can fool enough of the people all the time. His loyal ally in the Senate; Patty Murray defends her earmark record on the grounds that it is not frivolously spending Americans’ hard earned money; it is instead an “investment”. In her guise as a fierce fiscal war hawk; Senator Murray has also criticized slashing taxes, stating that “a culprit for the fiscal situation in this country [is] the billions and billions of dollars in tax cuts that have been granted to multimillionaires in this country.”

 According to Patty Murray, the hundreds of millions of dollars of earmarks that she has supported play no part in government over spending; rather it is tax cuts to those nasty “multimillionaires” that are the culprit. The 4.5 million dollars in 2002 that Senator Murray forced the Navy to use to purchase a speedboat that it neither wanted nor needed, and that it was eventually forced to give away because it could literally find no use for is irrelevant to her way of thinking. In a no-doubt unrelated action, the company that made the boat and received federal funding later gave money to Murray’s campaign.

This has got to stop. People who hate Donald Trump frequently miss the fact that Donald Trump was created as a reaction to voter's being sick and tired of electing people to represent them and then having those same representatives turn around, join the chummy congressional pork caucus, and become part of the problem. We need change in Washington DC badly, and it starts with shaking things up so badly that rotten apples start falling out of the congressional tree. 

Again, Trump is not perfect, but he is a far better candidate than Hillary. We are in a war for the heart and soul of America today and I will take any ally I can find. A step in the right direction is far better than sliding down the wrong direction. 


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