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Is Trump Surging?

A few weeks ago, Trump was dead and buried according to many in the media. As chronicled here, the DNC sprung an effective trap and the media piled on. However, Trump has gone back on the offensive. He has gone after Hillary on her crookedness and also on how the Democratic party has abandoned the blacks of the inner cities. This inner city assault in particular seems to have made Clinton nervous.

This push combined with Hillary's deepening email scandal has created a Trump surge. Several major polls show him closing the gap from double digits to medium or low single digits. This push has to worry the Clinton campaign who threw everything and the kitchen sink at Trump over the past month. They have to be wondering if their trump card of screaming racist is finally failing them. Trump still has ground to make up but it appears the momentum has swung his way once again.

The Media's Blitz Against Trump

The past few weeks have seen an all out media assault on Trump.

It began during the Democrat's convention. Khizir Khan, a Muslim lawyer who advocates Sharia law, gave a speech in which he attacked Trump. Khan was on the stage at the DNC because his son, Captain Humayun Khan was killed in Iraq. Trump responded to this attack and was lambasted by the media for attacking a war hero's parents. 
This carefully laid trap ensured a cycle of negative news as rest of the media was quick to pile on. The feeding frenzy pushed Trump's poll numbers down. This in turn started another negative news cycle. The next angle of attack was the media misrepresenting Trump's sarcasm about Hillary's emails. The Democrat party and their media allies kept up these spurious attack for several weeks. 
The standard cuckservative presidential candidate would have crumbled under this barrage. Trump remained unbowed. He did make some tactical adjustments as he brought in a new head of campaign. H…

Book Review: Riding the Red Horse

Riding the Red Horse is a military anthology by Vox Day and the iconoclastic Tom Kratman. In it nonfiction short essays are mixed military fiction. This blending of fiction and nonfiction provides a nice change of pace compare to most of the other fiction only anthologies.

Like any anthology, one will like some works are better than others. However the overall quality of the anthology shines as the entries  are uniformly entertaining and  thought provoking.

I had four favorites.

My first favorite was the excellent short essay Make the Tigers fight by James D. Perry. This essay examines the Soviet strategy of keeping the United States and China entangled in a series of proxy wars in Southeast Asia. Perry provides an interesting perspective on the causes and effects of this strategy. He offer a new lens with which to examine the Vietnam and Korean war.

The second essay I especially liked was the non fiction Battlefield Lases by Eric S. Raymond discussing the future of warefare in an era…

The Third Rail: Welfare Reform

The Current Issue As deficits have climbed to record highs, and the government is borrowing almost thirty-three cents for every dollar it spends, money that frequently comes from countries that do not have the United States’ best interests at heart, it is critical for the United States to stop spending so much money. Expenditures must be slashed and the federal budget trimmed, in order to not only bring spending into parity with governmental inflows, but also to drive government spending down to the point where we can begin to pay down the national debt. 
Our children and their children deserve to live in a country that is not crippled by massive amounts of debt to our enemies. But in order to do this, the next administration must aggressively move to contain welfare costs, which are spiraling out of control. The growth of the welfare state has created a debt crisis that is not only majorly affecting the United States, but many other countries as well. We must bring under control welfar…

Book Review: Civilian Warriors


The name sounds as ominous as the events that swirled around the infamous company. The media has portrayed the company as a bunch of wild eyed mercenaries killing at will with total immunity. Critics have piled on with accusations ranging from murder to corruption.

Personally, I am skeptical of mercenaries. A quick look at history will suffice to show that  the use of warriors for hire has a checkered past. While I question the media's narrative in general, I certainly have deep reservations about outsourcing to mercenaries.

Civilian Warriors by Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, is an engaging read.  In it, Erik lays out his life story and how the son of a businessman ended up running one of the most famous private military companies. He gives an insider view on how the company grew rapidly from a training company into a diversified contractor with an air wing, weapon development center, and bodyguard services. Their main focus was safeguarding of US State departme…