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The Media's Blitz Against Trump

The past few weeks have seen an all out media assault on Trump.

It began during the Democrat's convention. Khizir Khan, a Muslim lawyer who advocates Sharia law, gave a speech in which he attacked Trump. Khan was on the stage at the DNC because his son, Captain Humayun Khan was killed in Iraq. Trump responded to this attack and was lambasted by the media for attacking a war hero's parents. 

This carefully laid trap ensured a cycle of negative news as rest of the media was quick to pile on. The feeding frenzy pushed Trump's poll numbers down. This in turn started another negative news cycle. The next angle of attack was the media misrepresenting Trump's sarcasm about Hillary's emails. The Democrat party and their media allies kept up these spurious attack for several weeks. 

The standard cuckservative presidential candidate would have crumbled under this barrage. Trump remained unbowed. He did make some tactical adjustments as he brought in a new head of campaign. He also gave a more positive speech in Charlotte last week.

After this thunderous attack, the media is showing unease as the most recent LA Times national poll shows a slight Trump lead. This is disconcerting to them as this occured despite their heavy artillery barrage. 

 Trump still has work to do as the battleground polls show him lagging in most of the key battleground states like Florida and Ohio. However, the media hurricane has not crippled him and he is showing signs of a surge.


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