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(Part 1) SJWs Have Always Lied. A Fisking of Soviet Civilization (1952) by Corliss Lamont

Today, the West is under heavy attack from a specific ideological group that has elevated flinging poo and screaming inanities to a fine art. The Social Justice Warriors, and their band of adherents will do anything, attack anyone, and trample all over badthink in order to advance their cause and crush opposition.

Facts mean nothing to an SJW, vitriolic rhetoric is their first and only line of attack and defense. They will attack ideological deviants with a fervor and ferocity that is unmatched by any but the adherents of Mao during the Chinese pogrom known as the Cultural Revolution.

In the West, the elevation of SJW fascists to high visibility and praise for their attacks on decency and freedom is a relatively new phenomena, but their adherents have been spewing falsehoods and attacking western thought and ideas for many decades. Until recently however, they generally masked their hatred of freedom and western civilization with a veneer of detachment of moderation.

Such a man was pr…

Presidential Race Update

Tomorrow on CNN, the sparks will fly. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off in what will be the most watched debate in election history.

Hillary has been steadily bleeding support for the last month. The email scandal continues to haunt her. The middle east is still a dumpster fire thanks to her State Department's mishandling of the Arab spring and the rise of ISIS. In poll after poll, the voters know affirm that she is corrupt and untrustworthy.

Most recently, Clinton made the mistake of picking a fight with the Alt-Right. This attack on a "basket of deplorables" as she called half of Trump's supports, backfired badly.  It exposed Clinton's bitterness at the opposition. Trump immediately pounced saying that he supported all American's, not just his supports. It energized the Alt-Right and they have boldly redoubled their efforts of attacking Clinton and demoralizing hr supporters.

On Monday Clinton needs to score a resounding win to pump some energy bac…

Shady Chinese Aquisitions

The New York Times reports that the most recent Chines acquisition of a high tech German firm raises some red flags.

"HONG KONG — After a customer canceled a large order at the last minute, shares in Aixtron, a German high-tech company, sank fast. Months later, with the stock still reeling, a Chinese investor agreed to buy the company.

If only it were as simple as smart deal-making.

Financial filings and public statements indicate a web of relationships among the customer, the buyer and the Chinese state. The links highlight the blurred lines between increasingly acquisitive Chinese companies and Beijing’s long-term industrial policy."

In the article the authors detail how a well timed order cancellation by a Chinese firm left Aixtron, a company that makes machines for the semiconductor industry, vulnerable to an unsolicited buyout by another Chinese firm. 
The Chinese are taking advantage of the German's relaxed trade agreements to manipulate the market and gain a technolog…

Trump Surge Continues

After a brutal media assault, trump emerged bloody but unbowed. Recently he has seen a surge in the key battleground states of Florida and Ohio. According to RCP, Trump now leads in those two key states. Trump's surge is due to several factors.

The first is that Hillary's email scandal still dogs her. This scandal has sapped the public's trust in her. What makes it worse is that even more of the leaked emails from Wikileaks loom on the horizon

More importantly as Scott Adams pointed out, Hillary's possible and/or seizure fainting spell is another disaster for Hillary. Leaders have to project a sense of strength and Hillary's "pneumonia" induced collapse has people questioning her medical fitness to be president. Add this to the toxic mix of lies and secrecy surrounding her campaign, and it is a recipe for another ongoing disaster.

Finally, Trump has done a good job of staying on message and relentlessly attacking Hillary Clinton on her dishonesty. He is a…

Killing Them Softly: Gun Control in America

Today in America we are constantly assailed from every side by individuals who decry the freedoms that Americans enjoy to own and use firearms, not only for hunting and target shooting but also for personal defense. We are told that this is barbarism, that we are backward, and that the freedom to own guns is a dangerous one that should be taken away from us, or at the very least heavily curtailed and regulated. Such individuals may cloak their designs in grandiose terms or with appeals to sympathy; but they are repeating and supporting the ideas that every single major and minor tin pot two bit dictator has put into effect.

Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong; each of these three horrendous dictators of the last hundred years sought to disarm his populace, leaving them helpless to defend themselves against acts that included attempted genocide. Those who advocate gun control measures follow a well-trodden path, blazed by pioneers of mass murder and human depravity.

Not only do advo…

Blazing Burnout

According to Vox and Milo, Glenn Beck's The Blaze network is in serious trouble.

According to unnamed sources, Beck has financially over extended himself despite having one of the most popular radio talk shows in the country. The Blaze network, which was billed as a emerging conservative media powerhouse, is struggling with poor numbers with both its subscription TV service and its website.

Beck's struggling fortunes are most likely also due to his virulent anti- Trump stance which has predictably alienated a large portion of his audience. Beck tied himself to Cruz and was unwilling to move on after Trump crushed Cruz in the primaries. He also conspired with leftist Silicon valley moguls to stop Trump earlier this summer. This strange alliance across ideological lines left many including myself scratching our heads and wondering if Beck had gone off the deep end.

Time will tell if Beck can save his floundering media empire. However, his long term prospects will be dim if his r…