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Killing Them Softly: Gun Control in America

Today in America we are constantly assailed from every side by individuals who decry the freedoms that Americans enjoy to own and use firearms, not only for hunting and target shooting but also for personal defense. We are told that this is barbarism, that we are backward, and that the freedom to own guns is a dangerous one that should be taken away from us, or at the very least heavily curtailed and regulated. Such individuals may cloak their designs in grandiose terms or with appeals to sympathy; but they are repeating and supporting the ideas that every single major and minor tin pot two bit dictator has put into effect.

Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong; each of these three horrendous dictators of the last hundred years sought to disarm his populace, leaving them helpless to defend themselves against acts that included attempted genocide. Those who advocate gun control measures follow a well-trodden path, blazed by pioneers of mass murder and human depravity.

Not only do advocates of gun control follow in the paths of the genocidal dictators of the past, but they also frequently resort to half-truths, evasions, and outright lies in their pursuit of disarmament. When the recent tragic events of the shooting at the Washington Naval Yard happened, CNN, New York Daily News, and NBC all put out front page stories that claimed that the gunman had used an assault rifle in his brutal massacre of unarmed innocents.

Jumping to conclusions, these allegedly reliable news sources attempted to spin the story as more need for gun control generally and assault weapons control specifically. When it came out that their stories were completely fictional and that the gunman had not used an AR-15; they were forced to issue retractions, losing even more of their threadbare veneer of detachment and non-partisanship.

Not content with attempting to disarm the populace as a whole, the proponents of gun control willing accept the fact that if they get their way; millions of women will find themselves in violent situations with an assailant and may be raped or even murdered with no way to defend themselves. According to recent studies, females are almost four times more likely than men to be seriously injured when attempting to resist an assailant.

This is why the fastest growing segment of gun owners in America is Republican women living in rural areas.  The populace as a whole however benefits greatly from having the means to defend themselves; in 2002 alone, guns were used defensively over two million times. These are two million instances where if the gun control fanatics had their way; many of these individuals, especially the young, the old, and the female, would have been seriously injured or even killed.

Certainly there are accidents with guns. In the United States each year; roughly thirty people are accidently killed by armed citizens who mistake them for intruders. This is tragic, however every single year the police in the United States mistakenly kill 330 innocent people due to misunderstandings or other confusion. Just as one example; in California just recently, three innocent women were shot at and two were hit and injured by police looking for the accused murderer Christopher Dorner. According to the gun control argument; a good case could be made for completely disbanding the police forces.

A widely armed populace is not only an effective check against government aggrandizement; it promotes a culture of responsibility. The Founding Fathers considered the right to keep and bear arms so important that they enshrined that right into the Bill of Rights, second only to the freedom to worship and publish freely and without government tyranny. The United States has seen rising gun ownership in the last fifty years, especially in handgun ownership which has roughly doubled. As this has been happening the national murder rate has been decreasing. This is the national murder rate of course; areas where democrats and liberals hold sway such as Detroit and New York City, areas where gun control laws make it impossible for any but the lawless to own firearms; these areas have a markedly higher murder rate than others.

As a matter of fact, a recent Harvard study grudgingly conceded that the high rate of gun penetration in the United States has played a significant role in reducing violent crimes, including murder. The Harvard study also looked at Europe, finding that European countries with the most restrictive gun ownership had the dubious distinction of a murder rate three times the murder rate of European countries with the highest rates of gun ownership.

Ultimately, those who push for gun control and populace disarmament are peddling dangerous ideas; ideas that will only hurt the helpless and disarm the disabled; and due to the harm that females suffer when they are disarmed, it is liberals and the fools who follow them who are waging the real war on women. Every rape, murder, and violent assault of a female in a liberal gun (and logic) free zone can be laid at the feet of the hapless fools who think that following the gun policies of Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Stalin, and Lenin is a good idea. For anyone who can think logically, gun control is a foolish idea that will only hurt the helpless and weak.

Notes and Further Reading

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An excellent book that clearly shows the positive effects of gun ownership, both with statistics and carefully researched facts that combine together to make this book the ultimate bullet in the heart of gun control.

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An article that among other things; examines some of positive benefits of female gun ownership.

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Thomas Sowell examines some of the consequences of gun control in Britain, which effectively disarmed its populace in the 90s.

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Thomas Sowell goes over the fallacies of the liberal gun control crowd; who show their complete ignorance on the issue every time they speak.

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See the article that still disingenuously claims that an AR15 was involved in the shootings. While it admits that the shooter did not have an AR15, it still tries to paint the AR15 in a dangerous light.

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More coverage of the shooter’s alleged AR15, which must have been an amazing weapon with the power to vanish and never be found or seen on footage of the shooter.

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Coverage of the innocent women shot mistakenly by police hunting for Christopher Dorner.

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An article that looks at the reasons why there are hysterical calls for gun control after mass shootings, and why liberals hate the personal responsibility that gun ownership confers.

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The Harvard published paper that reluctantly concedes the positive effects of gun ownership in America.


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