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(Part 3): SJWs Have Always Lied. A Fisking of Soviet Civilization(1952) by Corliss Lamont

Continuing on with this massive fisking of Corliss Lamont’s 1952 book on the Soviet Union, this week’s installment is going to focus on Comrade Lamont’s explanation as to why Communism is a phenomenal system to live under and is totally different from fascism, which sucks to live under. It's a very nuanced interpretation of the two socialist philosophies and one that will require not only all of Comrade Lamont’s intellectual brainpower but also the complete ignorance and credulity of the reader. Let’s see how he does.

On Page 228, Comrade Lamont identifies ten “fundamental differences” between Soviet socialism and fascism. This is on the second page of the chapter and represents his efforts to set the tone for the remainder of the chapter. Essentially, if he can get the big whoppers swallowed first, the remaining smaller ones will go down easier. So let's take a look at the ten differences that Lamont claims separate the evils of totalitarian fascist socialism from the saintly …

Election 2016: The final lap

It all comes down to the next fourteen days. With polls varying wildly, Trump and Clinton both vow to push hard in the home stretch. Overall most of the experts are predicting a Clinton victory citing the majority of the polls. However, the Trump camp has shrugged this off as just another round of pundit pontificating.

Trump continues his barnstorming tours of battleground states as he tries to up his supporters energy and enhances turnout. Meanwhile, Hillary has her husband and both the President and Vice President making appearances supporting her. Clinton is trying to ensure the Obama coalition of minority and young voters turns out for her as well. However, this will be a more difficult challenge as Hillary is having trouble drawing crowds.

The electoral college map looks unfamiliar as states like Georgia are in play in the South while Wisconsin and Pensylvania are in play in the North.  Trump will need to balance  the swing states carefully as he allocates his time and money in t…

(Part 2): SJWs Have Always Lied. A Fisking of Soviet Civilization(1952) by Corliss Lamont

Last week we took a look at the first four chapters of Corliss Lamont’s explanation for why the Soviet Union unjustly was getting a bad rap and was actually a brilliant success. Any minor flaws in the ointment were solely due to American meddling and imperialism.

We were privileged to be set straight that democracy comes in many forms, including what the Soviet Union had, where democracy was merged into an interesting amalgamation with dictatorship. Possibly the greatest line from the first half of the book was that “...there is in the Soviet Union a mixed governmental system in which dictatorship is conjoined with strong and growing elements of democracy.”(Page 72).

Having learned this valuable tidbit of information about law and the Soviet political structure under Stalin, we finished up with a look at Comrade Lamont’s defense of religious freedom under Stalin, where in a brilliant example of truth twisting (worthy of ‘ole Joe Goebbels himself), Comrade Lamont explained away every s…