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Thoughts on the Trumpslide

First of all, thank you God that Trump won. Despite Trump's issues, he is not pure evil like Hillary. God could have given us an evil president which we deserve instead, He gave America another chance.

Credit must be given to Mike Cernovich, Scott Adams, and Vox Day. Mike and Scott were the first two to call Trump's rise and eventual victory. At the time it seemed ludicrous that a former reality TV star could beat a crowded republican field and the take out the biggest political machine in US history. However, these three writers used their unique viewpoints to foresee a Trumpslide.

 Mike used his Gorilla mindset prism to predict that Trump as an alpha male would impose his will on the election. Scott Adams used his master persuader filter to see that Trump would persuade enough voters to win. Finally, Vox correctly recognized the rise if white identity politics and how the white working class would vote for Trump. With the benefit of hindsight, Trump's rise by appealing …

Closing Arguments

On Tuesday, America elects a new president. At this point, we know who the candidates are.

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt Washinton insider who will open the immigration floodgates and destroy what is left of the Constitution by packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices. As WikiLeaks has shown us, she has sold influence to both massive corporations and unsavory foreign governments. She also is warmonger who is not content with burning down the Middle East but has also begun pushing for war with Russia through proxies in Syria and even directly. She is completely corrupt and should be in jail, not running for President.

Donald Trump is an egotistical, womanizing Alpha male. He was a liberal Democrat until recently. However, his long-standing views on trade and the economy are essentially the same today as they were decades ago. Unlike most of the elites,Trump's economic outlook favors the American lower
and middle classes, not the 1%. He also recognizes the many problems that i…

Whatever Happened to Windows Mobile?

Since I have already written well over tenthousandwords fisking Corliss Lamont’s SJW idiocy, I decided to take a break and write about another subject that I greatly enjoy, technology. Today we will be taking a brief, high-level look at the rise and fall Windows Mobile, a formerly influential market leader, now fallen on hard times. Along with Blackberry (another good article awaits there), Microsoft’s platform has a long and storied history, but is now essentially irrelevant, a footnote in the current market of smartphones, one that is dominated by the twin titans of Apple and Android.  
As of Q3 2016, Microsoft’s worldwide share of the massive global smartphone market sits at a dismal 0.7 percent. As recently as last year, Microsoft still commanded around 2.5 percent market share, but even that small fraction of the market was greater than could be sustained by Microsoft. All that Microsoft can say these days is that they are selling more phones than the struggling Blackberry corpora…