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Closing Arguments

On Tuesday, America elects a new president. At this point, we know who the candidates are.

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt Washinton insider who will open the immigration floodgates and destroy what is left of the Constitution by packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices. As WikiLeaks has shown us, she has sold influence to both massive corporations and unsavory foreign governments. She also is warmonger who is not content with burning down the Middle East but has also begun pushing for war with Russia through proxies in Syria and even directly. She is completely corrupt and should be in jail, not running for President.

Donald Trump is an egotistical, womanizing Alpha male. He was a liberal Democrat until recently. However, his long-standing views on trade and the economy are essentially the same today as they were decades ago. Unlike most of the elites,Trump's economic outlook favors the American lower
and middle classes, not the 1%. He also recognizes the many problems that illegal immigration poses. Finally, his foreign policy is less focused on being the worlds policeman and more on putting Americ's security first.

The reality is that Trump for all of his flaws is the only sane choice .Hillary promises more of the same economic malaise. ( Yes, we are in one despite the "low" unemployment)  If that sounds boring don't worry her domestic immigration policy of inviting radical Muslims into the US promises plenty of fireworks. Her foreign policy of slapping the Russian bear has the potential to have mushroom cloud fireworks.

On Tuesday, vote Trump for a saner and safer America.


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