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Thoughts on the Trumpslide

First of all, thank you God that Trump won. Despite Trump's issues, he is not pure evil like Hillary. God could have given us an evil president which we deserve instead, He gave America another chance.

Credit must be given to Mike Cernovich, Scott Adams, and Vox Day. Mike and Scott were the first two to call Trump's rise and eventual victory. At the time it seemed ludicrous that a former reality TV star could beat a crowded republican field and the take out the biggest political machine in US history. However, these three writers used their unique viewpoints to foresee a Trumpslide.

 Mike used his Gorilla mindset prism to predict that Trump as an alpha male would impose his will on the election. Scott Adams used his master persuader filter to see that Trump would persuade enough voters to win. Finally, Vox correctly recognized the rise if white identity politics and how the white working class would vote for Trump. With the benefit of hindsight, Trump's rise by appealing to the middle class seems obvious now, At the time these three made a bold prediction that was mocked by some. Their correct analysis of the election makes each of them worth listening to them in the future.

Trump played the election cycle like a master salesman. First, he differentiated his brand in a very crowded primary field by his tough rhetoric and willingness to go after opponents. Second, he opened the general campaign by laying out big bold proposals like building a wall, banning Muslim immigration and carpet bombing ISIS. Then he carefully softened them with vague statements like "extreme vetting" of Muslims and a "great plan" to defeat ISIS. He also landed a great rhetorical kill shot with "crooked Hillary". Finally, he ended the campaign cycle by staying on message and persuading enough voters that he had the right temperament for the job.

What a glorious day for America.


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