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Dissenting Opinions Exist? Fisking The Guardian on Gab

Several weeks ago, The Guardian (a British rag of a paper, mostly useful when one runs out of toilet paper. Also known for their stable of Village Idiots, prominently Damien Walter who produced a number of poorly written pieces of drivel on conservative author Larry Correia, before moving on to greener pastures) attempted to do a hit piece on the new social network Gab. One of their brave Village Idiots writers actually dared to crawl out of his safe space and see if there were any dissenting opinions to the Liberal Hivemind. Shockingly, he discovered a number of them on Gab, and henceforth retreated back to the aforesaid safe space to suck his thumb and write movingly about his narrow escape from actual free speech.

This Village Idiot’s writer’s name is Andrew Anthony, hereby referred to as “AA”.

A true Hero of the Fourth Estate indeed, willing to risk the certain nausea that any little libprog faces when exposed to that heretical notion of actual free speech. Why, Our Intrepid Hero barely managed to keep down his meal of tofu and Brussel sprouts (garnished with a soy latte) enough to write this brave expose of the “Hate-filled echo chamber of racism and conspiracy theories” without upchucking all over his shiny Macbook Air (no-doubt fetchingly decorated with an Occupy Meme of some kind on the lid).

I saw this referenced on social media and promptly added it to my “fisk file” for later attention. It's quite the revealing picture of just how childishly fascist the liberal left is. Not that this comes as a surprise to any conservative. After all, as William Buckley once said “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” AA’s exposure to actual diversity of thought scared the crap out of him.

Before getting into the full fisk, a quick explanation of Gab is in order.

Gab is the brainchild of Andrew Torba, a man who saw the Orwellian echo chamber that Twitter is trying to become, and developed an alternative. Gab is in the same vein as Twitter, users can post short messages that are publically viewable, although only members can repost, reply, or upvote.

Unlike Twitter, Gab allows for up to a 300 character message, enabling an actual full thought to be expressed and more than double Twitter’s 140 character limit. Any post can also be upvoted by the community. You also have the ability to filter out anything that you don’t want to see. This is in sharp contrast to Twitter, who wants to Big Brother everybody into bland liberal conformity. On Gab, you have to be an adult and decide for yourself what you will read. I know, it’s unreasonable to expect people to be able to decide for themselves what to see, it’s much better to have Big Brother do it for you.

Of course there are some boundaries: for example, death threats, any form of pornography, etc are not allowed. Basically it's the First Amendment approach to free speech. Shocking, I know. Fortunately for shell shocked liberals, Twitter is still there to flee back to in terror when mean people say mean things to you, or when you want to publically wish for white genocide.

It always amazes me that liberals see 1984 as a blueprint, not a warning. And if they can’t get it in their country, they will attempt to bring it about in their institutions. One of many reasons to never let an SJW anywhere near you or your organization. They contribute nothing because they are parasites, able to only subsist by stealing from the successful. I don’t know if Twitter will ever fully go away, the liberal need their echo chamber badly, but I do know that alternatives like Gab will continue to grow and expand at Twitter’s expense.

So let’s get started. As usual, my comments are in bold and the libprog’s are in italics.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential victory, it was said that Twitter had helped swing the election for the property developer, reality TV star and insatiable tweeter. But some of his more high-profile supporters on the so-called “alt-right” who have had their Twitter accounts suspended are abandoning the platform in favour of a new social network called Gab.

Sure, Twitter helped Trump get his message across directly to his followers. However the main thing that the media did for Trump was prove just how slaveringly devoted they are to The Narrative and how determined they were to push The Pantsuit’s tottering, corrupt carcase across the finish line.

The news media’s biases had never been so clearly seen across the whole spectrum of American politics as during this past election season. And it turned people off big time. Do not underestimate the votes that Trump picked up from people who are tired of being portrayed by idiots like this Guardian writer as hateful haters who hate. We “deplorables” who are tired of liberals attempts to impose Orwellian levels of thought control and expression, were pilloried in every major rag of the corrupt mainstream media. And then they wonder why Trump won?

The Fourth Estate is in tatters, riven by little closet fascists and their ilk who try to push for even more totalitarianism, and do their level best to destroy anyone who dares oppose them.

And then the writer raises the spectre of the “alt-right” complete with quotes. This is the new liberal bugaboo, the scary manifestation of the alt-right. And who is the alt-right? Its very simple actually, the alt-right is anybody who doesn’t toe the libprog party line. It's the new “fascist” badge of honor for those who the liberals want to slander.  

Gab isn’t an “alt-right” site, it's a free speech site that has a lot of the alt-right present on it. Along with some Democrats (as the author of this insipid piece admits), Republicans, Libertarians, etc. Actual diversity is represented on Gab. But not libprog diversity no, as people on Gab actually have a number of varying opinions and engage in a number of actual debates and arguments over them. To a true liberal, diversity just means that all skin colors have the exact same mandated opinion and dutifully does a Two minutes of Hate whenever told to.

And recently the white nationalist leader Richard B Spencer went so far as to claim that Twitter had sent “execution squads across the alt-right” to purge users with far-right views. He predicted that Gab would be “the place where we go next.”

Well let me see. Twitter censored and banned people who said some things that I personally found very offensive. Twitter then did not censor people who said the exact same thing, that I found just as offensive. The only difference was that it was aimed at a different group of people that SJWs approve of hatred towards. Nope, no purge going on here. Nothing to see here Comrades, just move along.

Also, because I am an adult, the “offensive” speech simply made me shake my head and move on with my life. I didn’t feel the slightest need to seek out a safe space or suck my thumb. Clearly I am not a liberal.

The brainchild of its 25-year-old Christian conservative founder, Andrew Torba, Gab promises to guarantee free speech, no matter how offensive. mean Andrew supports a literal interpretation of the First Amendment? Also, “offensive” does not equal anything other than that ‘ole AA was exposed to something other than doubleplusungoodthink.

I used the login of a colleague in America and spent 48 hours in a strange world of Trump worship, white nationalism, racism, conspiracy theory, gun idolatry and crass humour, all of it delivered with the righteous conviction of total certainty. The effect is a little like viewing the world through a circus mirror while being constantly told that this is what reality looks like.

So there is a “colleague” of this particular libprog, who has an account on Gab. Must mean he is alt-right, at least according to ‘ole AA here. The only alternative is that there are other liberals on Gab, who aren’t being censored for their beliefs. Nope, that can’t be it.

At the top of the politics page when I first checked in was a contribution from a poster named “Lord Humungus”. It featured a photograph of Michelle Obama and another of Melania Trump, along with the observation: “I’m proud to soon have a #FirstLady who’s actually pretty and more human than ape.”

And let’s see, right now a the top of the politics page is a Gab by @causticbob that says: What's the definition of a racist? Somebody who's winning an argument with a liberal.

So what? Also, I’m sorry AA but Melanie Trump is far prettier than Michelle “You will eat what I tell you” Obama. As for the rest of that pithy observation quoted above? It's definitely offensive and I would never say it, however given how clearly Michelle has demonstrated that she hates me and what I believe in...I’m not really going to lose sleep over it. You get into politics and you had better have a thick skin. Also, far worse has been said about every single black conservative, without a single word of rebuke from the media. Google what has been said about Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas sometime.

Make up your mind liberals. Either it's wrong to say racial epithets at every black AMerican, in which case a whole lot more liberals owe apologies to Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, and other high profile black Americans...or its only okay when your side does it. They have obviously decided to take the latter approach by the way. Standards, liberals do have them...they just are double.   

The belief that the (Newtown) shooting was staged, that the grieving parents are professional actors and that President Obama only pretended to cry while speaking about the tragedy are themes that break out across the site like acne.

Personally I find those who claim that the Newtown shooting was faked...annoying, illogical, and unable to understand Occam's Razor. What I find extremely reprehensible is the crocodile tears shed by Obama and his assorted hangers-on over the tragedy, which they then used as a bloody shirt to try and strip law-abiding Americans of their rights, all the while slamming the NRA and the tens of millions of gun owners in America as baby killers. Which, coming from the party that wants every 12 year old to freely get an legitimately pathetic and morally reprehensible.

Distrust of the mainstream media (MSM) is widespread on Gab, with posters often citing blogs, obscure news sites or Russian media for supporting evidence. The attitude is summed up by an image posted on the site of a tombstone with the engraving “2016 RIP Mainstream Media: lied, cheated and overplayed their hand”.

I have read Pravda and RT quite a bit. While they are both biased, they wear their biases far more proudly than the mainstream media does, not to mention the fact that I honestly put more stock in the Russian media than I do the Guardian or the Huffington Post. Which isn’t saying much, but a little is more than zero, zip, nada. (Puts on history nerd hat: want to bet that ‘ole AA doesn’t know the difference between the two Pravda’s in existance today?)

Several posters brought admiring attention to an interview with Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad on the Russian-state funded Russia Today, in which Assad claimed President Obama was behind the creation of Islamic State.

Search long enough on Twitter (so...very briefly) and you can find idiots who think that Jews should be killed and Israel nuked. Also, “several” posters? That’s all you could find who had posted shocking things? Shucks I can find things that would shock this little libprog on a whole lot more Gab accounts than that. They just happen to be things that I tend to agree with.
And no, Obama didn’t personally create ISIS. If by that you mean that he held a recruiting far with Jesse Jackson and started interviewing other people who hate America. But he sure did a terrible job of dealing with ISIS, and his inept administration is largely responsible for how much they grew in power and were able to inflict so much damage and harm. But fortunately, nobody can say that Obama is “Islamophobic”, which is I believe the most important thing to him.

Not all Gab posters are paranoid conspiracy theorists, Putin-lovers and gun fanatics. There are some innocuous or mildly sceptical posters, and even one or two Democrats. Moreover, Torba insists that the site is open to everyone of whatever political persuasion. However, it’s clear that the overwhelming tone is of a politics that starts with Trump and moves swiftly and hysterically rightwards from there.

Well, typically when you run a website devoted to free won’t find too many liberals there. Today’s liberals hate and fear actual free speech, it gives them the vapors right in the feelz. A website that engages in robust discourse across a wide range of political viewpoints and allows for blunt speech is going to scare off the creatures of the left, by and large.

And let’s be honest, liberal ideology is so corrupt and frail that it cannot stand up to the slightest breath of criticism, and thus must be shielded and kept from any wind or shadow of disagreement. Which would be heresy anyhow, as all good liberals know that they are the One True Religion and all who don’t toe the line exactly are heretics who must be burned at the metaphorical stake, fired from their actual job, bankrupted of their actual savings, and literally ruined in every way possible.   

If the presidential election is the storm that has transformed the political waterfront, then Gab might be seen as a rock pool containing the incoming new life forms hoping to thrive in the storm’s wake.

AA attempts to negotiate an extended metaphor...and fails miserably.  

Without exception, they look to the orange-faced tax-dodger as a kind of saviour figure.

This is somehow worse than looking at a corrupt, lying, murdering, incompetent bribe taking political parasite. And The Pantsuit may not have been looked at as a “savior” figure, but her equally despicable predecessor was. Mr. Halting-Oceans-Rise-And-Planet’s-Warming himself.

As the contributor “Evil Bucket” touchingly put it: “Mr President I know I am just 1 in the millions of people trying to talk to you … But if I had the chance to say anything to you it would be. Help change the culture from a victim culture to a patriot culture.”

The Guardian is a product of the feeble, emasculated remnant of what was once a great nation. They apparently struggle to understand just exactly why we common people, we “deplorables” if you will: those of us who love this country and all the opportunity it gives us...would ever want to support patriotism.

The Guardian would rather support a lazy globalism that prefers nothing so much as a bland homogeneity in land, creed, and culture, and obediently drinks the milksop of mush that The Elite hands down from on high.

Judging by the sentiments expressed by so many Gabbers, it’s as if all their wishes will be granted the moment that Trump sets foot in the White House. It’s not so much that they see him as a brilliantly effective politician – how could they know, he’s never been a politician before – but rather as a symbol or “god-emperor”, as one poster referred to him, of a new era in which liberalism will be ruthlessly expunged from all corners of society.

I, personally, would love to see the little Marxists ruthlessly driven back to their safe spaces so that the actual adults can get on with their work. And no, I don't think Trump is perfect, but anybody who riles up the little fascists of the left so much has my support. And his Cabinet picks so far have been extraordinary, the most conservative group of Americans since before Reagan’s time. I look forward to seeing what they can accomplish to hopefully troll back the federal behemoth.

A lot of it, in other words, is pure fantasy. After a while of reading post after post that insists Russia was not responsible for the Democratic National Committee hack, that Obama is “evil”, that Muslims are bad, that gun control is pernicious, that “liberalism is a plague” and so on…”

This is a fun one, let’s break it down into its component parts.
  • Russia was responsible for the DNC hack. Well so what if it was? Mind you, the evidence for it seems very circumstantial , but if they were behind it, it's a side issue to the main one. That being of course, the fact that the Democrats were revealed as the corrupt, bribing, cheating, totalitarians that they are. You will notice that the Democrats aren’t upset at what was revealed, they are upset because it was revealed, and everybody now knows just how pathetic they are.
  • Obama is evil. Well duh, the man clearly hates America, hates the Constitution, tries to force places of businesses to accommodate perverts' desires to be near children, behaved like a cheap Chicago thug while in office, abused the power of government to target political opponents, left us weaker than we have been since Carter, betrayed our interests abroad, and staffed his administration with the crookedest group of gangsters in one place since Al Capone had a poker meeting. If that’s not evil, I don't know what is.
  • Muslims are bad. I think it’s safe to say that a specific ideology that has produced the vast (being VERY kind) majority of suicide bombers, suicide shooters, nailed Christians to crosses, raped women all throughout Europe, thrown acid on women, pushes for Sharia law over you know, actual law, and supported men who mutilate little girls through FGM and child marriage...has problems and should not be allowed in our country. For the sake of balance, let’s grant that there are (allegedly) many Muslims who theoretically don’t support any of the above, but since they do little to speak up against it, fight back against it, or otherwise define their religion peaceably and there is no way to tell these non-violent tofu eating Muslims apart from the other kind...BUILD THE WALL.
  • Gun control is pernicious. Well let’s see Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and oh...every other murderous dictator in the last two hundred years ALL attempted to strictly control guns and limit people from having access to them. Read Gun Control in the Third Reich for more on Hitler’s progressive gun control. This little fascist libprog is in very good company.  
  • I don't know if I would say that liberalism is a plague, it's more of a mental disorder that is evidenced by a pronounced inability to reason with anything other than feelz and emotions. A desire to support murderous dictators who look good on a t-shirt is also usually an accompanying symptom.

Gab is that theoretical oxymoron, a right-wing safe space, a refuge where people who feel alienated by the “liberal consensus” can go and mouth off in the happy knowledge that they won’t be banned.

Yes. Its called “free speech”, your kind theoretically stood for it at one time(stood for it until you were in a position to stomp out any dissenting speech that is). I also like the way you put “liberal consensus” in quotes, as if it was this nebulous concept that you had never heard of before.

It’s somewhere that you can feel comfortable making disparaging comments about Mexicans, blacks and Jews – as one poster put it, Gab is the place “you can go Jew-baiting without being shut down! And what is more fun than Jew-baiting!!??”.

Liberal baiting is far more fun. And congratulations, you found one offensive Gabber. Tell you what, I’ll see you this comment (which I find to be offensive, but which won't cause me to lose any sleep because I am an adult who can handle dissenting opinions,. Usually by mocking them, but that's a different story), I will see you this comment and raise you one Associate Professor of Politics and Global Studies George Ciccariello-Maher, wishing for white genocide. Flat out. No weasel words, that’s what he wished for. I bet you run out of offensive Gabbers on my side before I run out of hatemongering race baiters  on your side.

And if you are someone who doesn’t thrill to that possibility, there are self-censoring facilities that enable you to block content containing words that might offend you. But that would be like travelling to Niagara Falls and steering clear of the waterfall.

No, that’s called being an adult. Yes I know, it's hard to leave the bubble of doubleplusgoodthink, but it's okay. I believe in you AA, I believe that you can handle offensive content. Actually no, I do not, I believe that you are a whiny little libprog who retreated crying back to his safe space and penned this offensively stupid editorial with one hand while you sucked the thumb on the other.

As long as you don’t incite violence, terrorism, show illegal pornography or disseminate the personal information of private individuals, you can say what you want on Gab. And what people want to say turns out to be remarkably predictable, often turgidly offensive and, after prolonged exposure, exceedingly dull.

I think AA confused Gab with the front page of The Guardian.

However, that’s not necessarily such a bad thing. Twitter and Facebook are commercial enterprises that advertise themselves as neutral places of communication, which inevitably brings complications.

Complications such as people taking them at their word. What is this world coming to?

Some of the fake news that Facebook promoted during the election is thought to have helped the Trump campaign. And Twitter, which has been used to circulate Holocaust denial and other scandalous nonsense, is slowly coming round to a more interventionist monitoring of content.

Yep, and now Twitter is being used to PROMOTE WHITE GENOCIDE! I’m sorry (not really) but your point is invalid because you are an idiot. Yes there are offensive things on Twitter, but the filth that liberals allow on their media organizations far surpasses the offensive stuff that pops up in true free speech zones from non-liberal trolls. Salon has an article up (won’t link to it because it's filthy) by a self-professed pedophile, slamming those of us who are right wing as “monsters”, which for some reason perfectly okay, but Milo saying that “feminism is cancer” isn't. Your argument is invalid because you are an idiot. Also I agree with Milo on feminism.

But with Gab, everyone knows what they’re getting, and if they don’t, they soon will. Besides which, you have to apply to join, wait for a while, and then receive an invite. You therefore have to make a bit of effort to be offended. Who wants to go out of their way to get annoyed when all you have to do is turn on the news?

...or read the Guardian. Which nobody does anymore, it's circling the drain just like its fellow toilet paper substitute, the NYT. Which is why the Guardian is constantly begging for money.

I look forward to January 20th, and all the liberal tears that will flow. Keep it classy Guardian.


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