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The Collapse of Soviet Socialism

Today, Breitbart published an excellent retrospective on the history of Soviet socialism. The date is significant because the Soviet Union collapsed exactly 25 years ago, finally ending the most significant example of a country attempting to implement the doctrines of Karl Marx and bring about pure socialism.

To the end of course, the various liberals and other cretinous fools and useful idiots were insisting that the Soviet Union was doing fine, that it was going to exist indefinitely, and that the United States was foolish for attempting to compete with it. Ronald Reagan was attacked as a warmonger, and as we published last week, the Democrats even attempted to negotiate with the Soviets to get help preventing Reagan from being reelected in 1984. Which is definitely treason by the way, deliberating consorting with a foreign power to help rig a domestic election. But don't expect the Democrats to ever acknowledge that.

The article closes with some very thought-provoking words:
As the Soviet mathematician and dissident Igor Shafarevich, who spent many years in the Gulag slave labor camps for his opposition to the communist regime, said in his book The Socialist Phenomenon (1980):
Most socialist doctrines and movements are literally saturated with the mood of death, catastrophe, and destruction … One could regard the death of mankind as the final result to which the development of socialism leads.

That 20th-century socialism would lead to nothing but this outcome was understood at the time of the Bolshevik victory in Russia. It was clearly expressed by the greatest intellectual opponent of socialism during the last 100 years, the Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises.

Near the end of his famous 1922 treatise Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, Mises warned:

Socialism is not in the least what is pretends to be. It is not the pioneer of a better and finer world, but the spoiler of what thousands of years of civilization have created. It does not build, it destroys. For destruction is the essence of it. It produces nothing, it only consumes what the social order based on private ownership in the means production has created … Each step leading towards Socialism must exhaust itself in the destruction of what already exists.

When voices are once again heard calling for socialism – even by a recent candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. President or on university campuses around the country – it is important, no, it is crucial, that the history and reality of socialism-in-practice in those parts of the world where it was most thoroughly imposed and implemented, as in the Soviet Union, be remembered and fully understood.

If we do not, well, history has its own ways of repeating itself.

The Democrat Party has become a collection of socialists who think that the Soviet Union had the right idea, think that capitalism is evil and Communism is good (and yes, like fascism too, but that's a different article), and hate every single aspect of America's western foundations and rule of law.

Bernie Sanders was ridiculously popular amongst the Democratic base, and his mixture of reheated socialism and aging hippie zeitgeist captured the popular imagination of America's youth, who have sadly been the victim of our colossally inept school system.

His hard left approach forced the Democratic Party as a whole to show its massive left wing slide, laying bare their intellectual vacuousness and morally bankrupt economic philosophies. Under President Trump, we have the chance to start to roll back the tide of socialism that hard-core Marxist Obama and his sycophants have inflicted on the United States.

It is an opportunity that is overdue, and this may represent our last, best chance to roll back the tide of Marxism and Orwellian thought control that the Democrats are pushing for America.

Our children deserve to live under capitalism, not under the end result of a failed economic philosophy that properly belongs in the ash heap of history.

Show the Democrats and their fellow Marxists no mercy. Drive them from the public sphere, drive their ideas from the universities, and drive their ideas from the marketplace of ideas.

The great thing is that doing this requires no violence. Like cockroaches to light, not one aspect of the Democratic platform can stand up to the light of criticism. Turn it on and watch them scatter.


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