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A Response to the Refugee Crisis

Trump recently issued an executive order temporarily barring individuals from seven countries from coming to the United States. From the panic and outrage emanating from the left, you would think he was dropping thousands of bombs on most of these countries. Oh wait that was Obama and Bush.

 The response from left has been the predictable outrage. However, the response from Christian left has been disturbing. By now, if you have been on Facebook, you have probably been inundated with posts and articles claiming you are not being Christian if we do not accept refugees.

Here are few common threads of these posts.

1. Theyare citing some verses from the Old Testament about welcoming the foreigner. 

Note these are usually the first to shriek about the dangers of theocracy in America. To watch their brains melt, ask them if they are also planning on stoning adulterers as well. The Bible isn't a buffet where you get to pick different verses you like. Instead, it is a series of dispensati…

The Pravda of the Left: Fisking the Huffington Post Over "Fake News"

The Huffington Post spends a great deal of its time valiantly attempting to beat out the Soviet mouthpiece Pravda for the distinguished title of Best Socialist Propaganda Publication. It has a great deal of competition of course, as The Guardian, the New York Times...actually every major MSM publication vies for this crown. The amount of ignorance with conviction that is spouted is truly remarkable, or rather it would be remarkable if we hadn’t all gotten used to seeing the mainstream media’s glaring biases nakedly exposed as never before over the past year. Speaking Rather, Dan “false but true” Rather is now teaching a course on Udemy on truth in journalism, which is certainly the greatest example of irony since Attila the Hun taught a course on peacefully resolving conflict. Proceeding from the philosophy that anything that makes Democrats and their assorted socialist/fascist/communist allies look bad must be “fake news” and anything that does the opposite must be “real news”, no mat…