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The Pravda of the Left: Fisking the Huffington Post Over "Fake News"

The Huffington Post spends a great deal of its time valiantly attempting to beat out the Soviet mouthpiece Pravda for the distinguished title of Best Socialist Propaganda Publication. It has a great deal of competition of course, as The Guardian, the New York Times...actually every major MSM publication vies for this crown.
The amount of ignorance with conviction that is spouted is truly remarkable, or rather it would be remarkable if we hadn’t all gotten used to seeing the mainstream media’s glaring biases nakedly exposed as never before over the past year. Speaking Rather, Dan “false but true” Rather is now teaching a course on Udemy on truth in journalism, which is certainly the greatest example of irony since Attila the Hun taught a course on peacefully resolving conflict.
Proceeding from the philosophy that anything that makes Democrats and their assorted socialist/fascist/communist allies look bad must be “fake news” and anything that does the opposite must be “real news”, no matter how astoundingly credulous one has to be in order to believe it.
Given the recent shellacking that the liberal left just took in the elections, the various libprog publications have been frantically seeking a scapegoat to pin the blame on. Right now the leading contenders seem to be “the Russians” who somehow did something somewhere that somehow gave Trump the win, and “fake news” which somehow made a lot of people believe that Hillary Clinton was a corrupt, lying, bribe taking politician who couldn't be trusted with the post of VIllage Idiot, let alone the Presidency. I’m sorry, I said “fake news” and I really meant “reality.”
Anyhow, the latter Two Minutes of Hate topic is the focus of this article from the Huffington Post on the tragic epidemic of Facebook "fake news" that somehow cost The Anointed Pantsuit the election. It contains all of the whiny little sniveling and snuffling that we have seen in profuse abundance from liberals, ever since The Anointed Pantsuit lost to Donald Trump.  
As this is another joint fisking with Cato, the original will be in italics and Cato’s and my comments will be in bold.
After an election season infused with hoax stories, more than a month of global outcry and at least one real-world incident of gun violence in the U.S., Facebook is finally stepping up to combat the spread of fake news.
Remember folks the press is the only one who should spread fake new, just ask Dan Rather, Michelle Fields, and Brian Williams.
Also, if you were looking for concrete examples of “hoax stories” that somehow affected the election...keep waiting.
The social network announced Thursday that it will work with fact-checking outlets to label fake stories, flagged by users, as “disputed.” Adam Mosseri, a vice president in charge of the news feed, shared the changes in a press release. Now before sharing a fake story on the site, you’ll get a warning that its accuracy has been “disputed.” To find out why, you’ll be able to click a link for a fact-check of the article.
Fake as in not approved by the Democratic National Convention. One of the biggests things that Wikileaks showed was that the mainstream media is actively colluding with the Democratic party. These are the same people that will be “checking” your news feed.
Adolf Hitler had his Goebbels and Hillary Clinton has...a whole cohort of mini-Goebbels. And before anyone gets upset at comparing genocidal socialists with judeophobic socialists...may I remind you that the Democratic party is seriously considering a new chairman (Keith Ellison) who apparently supports the Nation of Islam’s virulently anti-semitic platform.
Keith Ellison also has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and supports a variety of radical leftist social justice platforms. Large segments of the Democrats base hate Israel and support those who attack it, bomb it, kill the innocent, and slaughter non-combatants in an undeclared war that has cost many lives.  
Also, the vast majority of the economic points of  Hitler’s National Socialist platform would be happily agreed to by the liberal party and receive favorable coverage by the mainstream media, so...yeah fake news is a problem, but those shouting loudest about it are also the main sources of it. Maybe if they read more books instead of metaphorically burning them. But that’s Common Core for ya!
The moves come after some full-throated denials from Zuckerberg ― in the wake of Donald Trump’s Election Day victory ― that fake news was even a serious issue.
It is great that the Democrats are busy chasing the “fake news” red herring instead of analyzing what really happened.
It’s too early to know whether these efforts will be effective in combating the problem, which is perhaps larger in scope than many initially realized.

For now, Facebook will be working only with Snopes,, Politifact, ABC News and the Associated Press.
And in other news, the foxes will now be guarding the chicken coop.  Snope’s founders have received funding from George Soros a fine upstanding globalist.
Every single partner listed here is an organization that bends over backwards to maintain the liberal platform and propaganda. Politifact, when Trump said that Russia had increased its nuclear arsenal while the USA had not, rated it as “half true” while admitting that the statistic was correct. But apparently Trump missed the “big picture.” Even though his statement was 100 percent correct. Yep, very unbiased right there.
Let’s see...ABC’s George Stephanpoulos was in charge of its election coverage. George Stephanpoulos was a former campaign operative for Bill Clinton and worked under him as a staffer during his Presidency, but I am sure that this had no relation to the fawning coverage ABC gave The Anointed Pantsuit. And if you believe that, I have some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you.
That code of principles includes a commitment to nonpartisanship, fairness and transparency of sources. The Poynter group is a nonprofit that receives funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, the National Endowment for Democracy and others.
Hmmm  These groups are funded by liberals, what could possibly go wrong?
The Thursday announcement comes after a rash of hoax stories shared by pro-Trump websites were widely read in the run-up to the presidential election. Indeed, a BuzzFeed analysis found that in the three months before the U.S. voted, election-related fake news stories generated higher rates of Facebook engagement (likes and shares) than the top election stories from 19 major news sites.
It is incredibly sad that fake news is seen as more real than what the media puts out. This tells you that the people do not trust the media.
Also, a great deal of what they are flagging as “fake news” was actually far more accurate than anything that the MSM was publishing. Although that is admittedly, a low bar to clear.  
Other reporting from BuzzFeed showed that it was the anti-Hillary Clinton, pro-Trump fake stories (she’s a murderer, she runs a child sex-trafficking ring out of a pizza shop) that grabbed the most attention.
(Publius)Personally, I have yet to see any hard evidence that convinces me that the pizza shop is a cover for pedophile activities. However, there is some sort of code definitely going on in the communications revealed by Wikileaks and I wouldn't put anything past Hillary’s crowd of perverts and pervert apologists. Additionally, Bill Clinton apparently took a number of trips on convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express,” and I somehow doubt he was there to discuss tax law. The Democrats have any number of pedophile supporters on their platform, including the pervert at Salon who admits to being a pedophile but says that the right wing of American politics are the monsters, not him. Mmm-hmm.  
With its 1.8 billion monthly users, Facebook is a critical platform for news distribution. News websites now get a majority of their traffic from Facebook, as internet users switch from visiting home pages on desktops to using apps on their mobile devices.
We liberals miss the good old days when we controlled the TV and newspapers and got to decide what would be covered. These pesky internet and truth things keep getting in the way of our glorious utopia.
“A fake story claiming Pope Francis — actually a refugee advocate — endorsed Mr. Trump was shared almost a million times, likely visible to tens of millions,”
Are they sure that it wasn’t from a satire site? I think most people are aware that the Pope is a very liberal man who most likely loathes Trump.
Reporters have found that fake stories propagated by pro-Trump websites went increasingly viral in the months leading to the U.S. presidential election, possibly influencing voters ― and widely shared posts have incited violence around the world, even leading to the beating death of one woman in Brazil, according to the Poynter group.
And somehow we have gone from the US election to an incident in Brazil? Next up, how Donald Trump’s hair is causing droughts in Zambia.
So the Huffington Post’s position is that the American people are so dumb that Facebook news stories swayed their support from Hillary to Donald Trump. Well they say “possibly” which is a weasel word that liberals like to use when they want to put on a veneer of neutrality.
I’m sure that it had nothing to do with the fact that the Democratic Party clearly communicated the fact that it hates white people, hates blue collar workers, wants to bankrupt small businesses that are in non-politically correct sections of the economy, happily drove up health insurance into unaffordable levels with a socialist ponzi scheme masquerading as health insurance, called a large chunk of the electorate “deplorable” and in general, behaved like the petty little fascists that they are.
Nope, none of that matters. It's all facebook’s fault.
The changes announced Thursday ― previewed in that post ― signal how far the company has evolved on this issue.
“Evolved” is a term that the fascist left loves to use. It can mean anything from “Obama realized that his base would love him even more if he “evolved” on gay rights, to Firefox firing Brandon Eich for having non-groupthink approved thoughts and donating to a non SJW approved cause. Not that Firefox used the word of course, they claimed Eich just happened to leave of his own accord.
In this case, Facebook is evolving towards a position of Orwellian censorship of thoughts and expressions on its platform, in order to please a small group of noisy, white hating, useful idiots for the fascist left. Stalin must be looking up and smiling from the spit that he is on right next to Fidel. Before he gets back to screaming in harmony with Fidel of course.
It’s also worth emphasizing that the social network is deliberately not making itself the arbiter of what’s real or fake news.Instead, Facebook considers itself an agnostic platform for sharing news. However, the announcement makes clear just how hesitant the company is to judge content or be seen as restricting speech.
As they should be. Facebook most likely wants to avoid Twittering itself into a death spiral.
Also, no Facebook isn’t censoring yet, but you have to love the petulance one can hear in this little libprog’s prissy voice. Yes Facebook has “evolved” to where it will obediently use liberal fact checkers to flag anything that goes against the liberal hive mind’s ideology...but its not actively removing anything that smacks of divergence from their little fascist groupthink. Yet.
Members of Poynter’s fact-checking network will review articles that have been most frequently flagged by users as fake. This method would hopefully quash stories that are getting the most viewers and traffic.
Translation: AHHHH!!! Only we are allowed to lie to the unwashed masses! No fair when someone else does it.
The fact-checking group wrote an open letter to Facebook last month urging it to take the problem of fake news seriously.The fake news issue has roiled the internet and the real world.
Yes, because The Onion causes all sorts of crises with their “fake “ stories. Please, the only people getting “roiled” by fake news are the sore losers that voted for Hillary. They are clutching at straws rather than admitting that their candidate was a sleazy, corrupt politician that the voting public saw through.
President Barack Obama took time to assail fake news in speeches and in a late November interview with Rolling Stone’s Jann Wenner. It’s a problem when an article on climate change by a Nobel Prize winner looks as credible as something written by a guy “in his underwear in the basement,” Obama said. “In an internet era where we still value a free press and we don’t want censorship of the internet, that’s a hard problem to solve.”
Considering this is coming from a man who won a Nobel prize for doing nothing, this appeal to the Nobel Prize is humorous. Also, I think Obama misspoke, I am sure he meant we WANT censorship of the internet, that is why I turned it over to the UN.
“This is not about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk, lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs, contribute to their communities,” Hillary Clinton said in a speech at the Capitol last week. “It is a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly.”
Did Hillary mean the people were at risk from her warmongering in the Middle East? Or did she mean they were at risk with her belligerent attempts to start a war with a nuclear-armed country like Russia?
Trump and his circle have not been vocal on this issue. The son of Trump’s incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn himself tweeted the pizza-place conspiracy story.
(Cato)Pizzagate may yet have some fire under all that smoke. Some of the leaked John  Podesta's emails are very weird and use words in incredibly creepy contexts. But rather than investigate it, let's sweep it under the rug as fast as possible because we are the Huffington Post and we will defend the left at all costs.
As usual, the little totalitarians at the Huffington Post did a bang up job of sneering at all the unwashed masses that dared vote for Donald Trump instead of the Anointed Pantsuit. It's so frustrating when people won’t do what their betters tell them to.


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