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The Media Has No Clothes

The news media is in shock, reeling from a devasting election loss and a massive upswing in the people who do not trust anything that comes out of the mouth of a news anchor, or from the pen of a news reporter.

This is one of the greatest services that President Trump has performed for the American people as his election brought to sharp light the wretched liars of the news media, as their hatred for anything that smacked of freedom from groupthink and closet fascism was laid grossly bare.

Now, faced with a crisis of confidence that dwarfs anything ever faced before by the grandiosely named "Fourth Estate", the news media has chosen to double down on their biased reporting and bare faced lying.

They do this because to do anything else would force them to confront the fact that their precious "journalistic integrity" is nothing but a hollow shame. They want to see themselves in the light of bold knights of truth, attacking the powerful and the privileged and protect…