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The Media Has No Clothes

The news media is in shock, reeling from a devasting election loss and a massive upswing in the people who do not trust anything that comes out of the mouth of a news anchor, or from the pen of a news reporter.

This is one of the greatest services that President Trump has performed for the American people as his election brought to sharp light the wretched liars of the news media, as their hatred for anything that smacked of freedom from groupthink and closet fascism was laid grossly bare.

Now, faced with a crisis of confidence that dwarfs anything ever faced before by the grandiosely named "Fourth Estate", the news media has chosen to double down on their biased reporting and bare faced lying.

They do this because to do anything else would force them to confront the fact that their precious "journalistic integrity" is nothing but a hollow shame. They want to see themselves in the light of bold knights of truth, attacking the powerful and the privileged and protecting the poor and needy. To admit that Pravda under Stalin had greater integrity and adherence to the truth (admittedly a low bar, but 1 is larger than 0) than their dying and barren platforms, would result in their complete mental breakdowns. The Emperor truly has no clothes.

Their fragile egos, narcissistic lack of regard for the truth, and contempt for America (rural Americans especially) and American values of freedom of speech, liberty, and (especially) the freedom for free men in a free nation to posses, carry and use firearms were so sickeningly on display during the election that millions of fence sitters and right of center moderates were horrified and stopped trusting in the media at all.

When the corrupt news media attempted to try to shift the Narrative to bleating about "fake news", the merry band of deplorables that had swept the Republicans to their greatest strength since 1928...took the badge (much as they had embraced the attempted epithet of "deplorable") and made it proudly their own, flaunting the dying media's helplessness in their face.

Now the news media is trying to slam President Trump for taking steps to at least start to roll back the mountains of red tape that engulf this country and hamper its job creators (small businesses especially) with massive expenses. They squeal about a new head of the EPA who actually has the audacity to think that the EPA shouldn't drive small businesses bankrupt, shouldn't attack small farms with crippling regulations, promulgated by Soviet-style unelected apparachiks. Many in the EPA are apparently struggling with nervous breakdowns and need counseling (at taxpayer expense of course).

I say good. Smash the tyranny of the unelected bureaucrats and their massive State-run apparatus to the ground. Then salt the ground. Drive the petty little dictators that infest it into the Real World, forcing them to either get an honest job (not likely) flee to Canada (not likely, Canada has very strict immigration rules for Americans), or beg for money on the streets(entertaining at least).

We won't get all that we want, but anything in the right direction is worth it. And the news media no longer is as formidable an opponent as it used to be: it no longer has a monopoly,  fewer and fewer people listen to it, and the major Old News platforms are shriveling and dying in slow motion. The future of news is in the rising news platforms online, maybe a little rough around the edges sometimes, but unafraid to tackle the harsh truths and show the honest facts.

It's time to take a stand and take our country back.


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