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What is a Fisk?

According to the Urban Dictionary, a "fisk" is "a thorough and forceful verbal beating of an anti-war, possibly anti-American, commentator who has richly earned this figurative beating through his words. Good Fisking tends to be (or at least aim to be) quite logical, and often quotes the other article in detail, interspersing criticisms with the original article's text."

Here at Reality Hammer, we enjoy methodically fisking articles and books by anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, liberals (which is to say: liberals). We do not solely focus on high profile liberals from today such as Paul Krugman but also high-profile liberals from the past, such as Corliss Lamont. Mostly the fiskings are of published articles, but we also periodically fisk published books by liberals of yesteryear. A hatred of American values and freedoms is not solely confined to today's liberals, their intellectual forebears were of much the same mind and laid the groundwork for today's SJW fascists and bullies.

Collected below is a list of all current fisking posted here, primarily by Publius so far. This list will be periodically updated as new fisks are added to the site.

Collected Fisks


  • Hollywood, Havana, and Me - by Sean Penn. This is an article by one of the most radical leftists and American haters - Sean Penn. Published in the Daily Beast right after Fidel Castro finally got a chance to experience true socialism, it is the usual mix of leftist lies, obfustications, and America bashing. Sean Penn is one of the most virulently hard-left fascist/Communists in Hollywood and wastes no opportunity to schmooze with totalitarian dictators. 

  • How Republic's End - By Paul Krugman. This is an opinion piece published by noted Communist apologist and socialist economist Paul Krugman. Along with the majority of the American Left, he is experiencing a major nervous breakdown over the ending of the Era of Obama and the election of an actual American populist, when he thought he was going to be getting another fascist Fearless Leader in the figure of The Annointed Pantsuit. Also along with most other members of the Left, Krugman has no idea what a republic is versus a democracy, but that doesn't, as usual, keep him from proclaiming his colossal ignorance with stupendous conviction.   

  • TheVerge on the Pulse nightclub shooting - Elizabeth Lopatto.  Elizabeth Lopatto is a writer for the tech publication TheVerge, a website that does some very solid and enjoyable tech reporting. However when it comes to political matters, TheVerge is fully SJW converged and Elizabeth Lopatto and her fellow libprogs always toe the fascist/communist line precisely, dutifully parroting whatever they are told by The Huffington Post, or Salon, or any one of the other hard-left publications. And her response to the tragic shooting in Orlando was classic Alinsky propaganda. Her idiotic screed ran the full gambit of the expected liberal checkboxes: attacking Christians, gun owners, conservatives, rule of law, etc, etc.  For fisking it and posting it on Twitter, she blocked me, which is an accomplishment I am proud of. I may be a very small fish in a big ocean, but I can piss off a libprog just as much as the next conservative. 

  • Inside the hate-filled echo chamber of racism and conspiracy theories - Andrew Anthony. The Guardian is a dying publication out of Britain that is resorting to desperate measures to try to keep the doors open and the lights on. These measures seem to be primarily focused around doing click bait articles and hit pieces on anybody who has the audacity to be an outspoken conservative. This particular article was by one of their stable of Village Idiots, who bravely dared to try actual free speech, spending 48 hours of horror on Gab, the new libertarian answer to Twitter's Orwellian crackdown on free speech, before retreating back to his safe space to have a cry-in and a soy latte. 

Joint Fisks

Cato and Publius 


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