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Reality Hammer Tenets

Here at Reality Hammer we believe very strongly in certain principles that inform our writing and beliefs. Cato and I are both strong believers in the following tenets, and these are the foundation upon which we intend to build this website. It is also important for the purpose of keeping us (mostly) focused in our writing as well as keeping that focus where it belongs, on the issues that matter to us. There will of course still be random articles that don’t fit into any of these categories.

  1. Pure democracy is a dangerous evil, just as much of an excess as totalitarianism. The rule of the fifty percent plus one is a multi-headed hydra beast that crushes civil liberties as easily as any of the dictators that the left idolizes did.
  2. The West in general and America in particular, has the best culture of any culture in the world, with the most individual freedom and the least government interference.
  3. Unchecked immigration of individuals who do not respect these freedoms and are unwilling to assimilate totally is a danger that should be avoided. We reject the melting pot of multiculturalism.
  4. Anthropogenic climate change is a false religion, with fanatically devoted adherents who attempt to crush any dissent from orthodoxy with vicious assaults and metaphorical witch burning.
  5. The purpose of arguing is to give ammo to your side and to convince fence sitters. Rhetoric and dialectic play an equal role in this, however it is a mistake to meet rhetoric with dialectic or vice versa. Especially in today’s atmosphere of heavily biased media, who are merely water carriers for the socialist Left, whether democratic socialist(Bernie Sanders), Communist(Fidel Castro), or fascist(Obama).
  6. Capitalism has its flaws, but it has fewer flaws than any other economic system and is infinitely superior to any of the economically illiterate schemes propounded by the various liberal organizations.
  7. The so-called Fourth-Estate has capitulated to the totalitarian forces of the Left and does everything in its power to cover up and apologize for the most contemptible excesses of socialism, whether it is Venezuela or Hillary Clinton.
  8. Socialism is any of its forms, whether democratic, fascist, or communist is an evil that must be resisted.
  9. We reject the economic perversion of crony capitalism.
  10. We reject the idea that the government should interfere with businesses, other than ensuring that the legalities are observed. Sometimes monopolies arise, but in a pure capitalist system they will be temporary and will generally benefit the consumer.
  11. Senators are supposed to represent their states directly, for this reason the 17th Amendment was a mistake that damaged the separation of powers
  12. We reject White Guilt and Feminism as all ethnicities and both genders are equally sinful and depraved and can only redeemed through a personal relationship with a loving and just God.
  13. We reject the false siren song of globalism and multiculturalism.
  14. We affirm global nationalism and believe that everyone be left to dwell in peace in the culture and traditions that they choose. However, no nation should be forced to accept an influx of immigrants from a competing culture who will attempt to replace the host nation’s culture with their own.
  15. We reject unrestricted free trade as it is an instrument designed to destroy the nation state. We believe in low tariff trade between peer nations. Free trade is not in and of itself bad, but it can only take place between two capitalist nations who are playing fair with each other. There is not and cannot be any such thing as free trade between a Communist nation and a capitalist nation.


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